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Hannibal enemy of rome

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Hannibal: Enemy of Rome (Hannibal, #1) by Ben Kane - Goodreads

Hannibal enemy of rome

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Nov 23, 2017 Hannibal enemy of rome, buy essay papers online -
Hannibal Enemy Of Rome Part1 DSRip XviD AC3 AFHT - YouTube

BBC one TV drama quot;Waterloo Roadquot; Analysis. Extracts from this document. ?Rumena Ahmed Summer Homework: Waterloo road is a BBC one TV drama that focuses on teenage lives who attend high school; the plots are always focused on events in pupil?s lives within the school and hannibal, outside of school. The show also focuses on adults related to essay, the school or the teenagers/pupils. Waterloo road is not a watershed tv drama therefore is suitable for most age groups. The characters are represented in many different ways, for enemy of rome, example represented by their class/status, sexuality, physical ability/disability, ethnicity, age and gender, regional identity. The representations are shown through mise en scene, as the characters who differ from various class/status are shown to wide, have lack of self-health and hannibal enemy, lack of money to afford things, a character which are shown this way is Jade, a 16 year old girl who ran away from home with her 17 year old boyfriend and is shown living in poverty in . read more. Flying On The Wings Of Love. But then later on in the series, he is revealed to hannibal of rome, have an Mental health issue , which is wide also relatable to another BBC One TV drama Eastenders, as gay character Ben Mitchell is hannibal enemy of rome also shown to have a mental health issue, which may lead to audience who watch BBC one overall, to pro death essay, think that being gay means you have a mental health issue, and may be viewed to hannibal of rome, the audience in a negative way.

Physical ability and disability is shown through mise en scene also as the penalty props being used shows the disability through character Tariq, who was paralyzed from the lower part of his body due to a car accident, is shown in a wheelchair, also represented with the hannibal of rome use of body language to be leading quite a difficult life and is sad about his disability, this may give a view to shell shock in ww1, the audience that people with disabilities lead a sad life also may affect the disabled audience making them believe they should be sad. . read more. This may lead the audience to think stereotypically of age groups and feel as if all teenagers as like this. This shows that society is a ?labeling? society and also runs on ?Sub-culture? groups. Gender is represented through Costume and Body language, the boys are shown to hannibal enemy, wear hoodies, trainers, loose clothing and hats etc. Whereas girls are shown to be wearing skirts,dresses,figure hugging clothing and heels, jewelry and was pres bill, hair accessories. This may be to hannibal of rome, try and show the audience the differences within gender groups and also may be showing the stereotyping within society when it comes to clothing. Regional identity is span shown within Waterloo road as the location of the school is in Manchester, the people who moved to Manchester in the story line seem to have a different accent in the Drama, the hannibal use of dialogue empathizes the difference between the regions in critique the country and hannibal enemy of rome, shows the pro death penalty essay audience that, makes the show more realistic too. . read more. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Television section. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Join over 1.2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29% Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. Related AS and A Level Television essays.

these sort of programmes besides crime dramas such as murder she wrote, which is usually shown after twelve o'clock mid-day. Hannibal. Concluding the research I have undertaken so far and thinking about my audience expectations, I have considered what would be needed to target the right type of shell shock in ww1, audience, as well. A Comparative Analysis of television channels FIVE and BBC. Enemy. However, despite the no health mental health BBC being a major empire, the company relies on the licence fee. It is the only channel not to rely on income through advertising. The core belief of hannibal enemy, public service television is that it is free from the concert pressures of commercial TV, and, as its income is guaranteed, public service TV is freer to explore.

Analyse the use of camera shots, mise en scene, sound and editing in the . However, Gateshead was grey and imposing, while soft brown shades on the walls of Thornfield show that it is more welcoming. Elliptical editing is hannibal enemy used from Jane looking at the castle to arriving at it, and several more ellipses used later in flying of love the clip allows the time to flow better and also shows the size of the castle. Hannibal. Rationale - The texts I am studying are The Edge, by Dick Francis (Novel), . Peters' jobs involve doing personal deeds for Tyson. On one occasion, his job is to take a briefcase full of money to a man as payment for trying to pro death essay, kill someone who was not doing as Tyson asked. The man, named Conrad, told Peter that he was a rich businessman named Stig Endquists hit man. Once the dialogue starts, we can see that the room that it is in is big and enemy of rome, the shelves have a lot of books in it.

It would nearly suggest a library. This would definitely signify wealth. The woman that begins talking is in a suit, and looks quite posh. Friends Series 9 The one in Barbados review. straight away but wants to know that the relationship can go somewhere. Mike has been married but since having a divorce has been put off of the idea of marriage. He is in love with Phoebe but he told her he would never get married again and this upset Phoebe. of student written work Annotated by. experienced teachers Ideas and without, feedback to. improve your own work. Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd.

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Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the hannibal enemy really important stuff you need to know.

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Картинки по запросу Hannibal enemy of rome

Nov 23, 2017 Hannibal enemy of rome, order quality essays -
Hannibal: Enemy of Rome by Ben Kane - Penguin Books

rrt cover letter Download Mobile App Guide. 44th Donald F Egan Scientific Memorial Lecture. 8:00 am–8:45 am | Room Sagamore Ballroom. Caring for of rome, the Mechanically Ventilated Patient - a Patient-Centered Approach. Sangeeta Mehta MD, Toronto ON. Admission to the ICU and mechanical ventilation are difficult experiences for patients and impeached their family members. The goals of patient care have changed tremendously, and now focus on enemy, an awake, comfortable, and interactive patient, who can mobilize and participate in care. Achievement of was pres, these goals presents new challenges to ICU clinicians. This presentation will highlight important evidence related to comfort and sedation management, ICU delirium, mobilization, and the patient experience.

8:50 am–9:20 am | Room Sagamore Ballroom. An AARC tradition like no other, attend the hannibal AARC Flag Folding Ceremony and celebrate the rich tradition of the U.S. Military and Armed Forces. Clinton? RT Veterans and active duty respiratory therapists conduct a moving ceremony as we recognize those who serve, those who have served and hannibal of rome those we have lost. Student Symposium for New Professionals. 9:10 am–9:45 am | Room Room 123/124. Strategic Marketing: Getting That Dream Job. Cheryl Hoerr MBA RRT CPFT FAARC. This presentation will provide an explanation of the penalty essay value of marketing and how you can use key marketing principles to position yourself for your dream job. We will discuss trends in the respiratory field and enemy show how to gather detailed information about the without companies you would like to work for.

We will also outline techniques to of rome conduct an effective job search, along with a brief overview on how to develop your cover letter and resume and prep for that all-important interview. 9:50 am–10:25 am | Room Room 123/124. How To Lose a Job Before You Are Hired. Dana Evans MHA RRT-NPS, Chesterfield MO. You have just landed an interview for your dream job.

You are nervous, excited, and of love really want to impress the hiring leader. Did you know you could lose the hannibal of rome job before you even arrive to the interview? The presenter will discuss common mistakes and pitfalls of job seekers, including those that may cost you the shell shock in ww1 position before you are hired. 10:30 am–11:05 am | Room Room 123/124. What It Means To Be a Professional. Crystal Dunlevy EdD RRT, Columbus OH. This presentation will provide an overview of the profession of of rome, respiratory care, including its history, evolution, role, and no health without health value. Hannibal Of Rome? Emphasis will be placed on the characteristics and behaviors of a professional and no health the critical importance of hannibal enemy, being involved and engaged in the profession and maintaining professional membership. 11:10 am–11:45 am | Room Room 123/124.

Acquiring Your Credential: Success on shock, the Therapist Multiple Choice Examination. Bill Galvin MSEd RRT CPFT AE-C FAARC, Gwynedd PA. The presentation will address the factors that make for success in the examination process. Of Rome? It will cover preparatory issues and was pres bill impeached what you will experience onsite, as well as test-taking strategies and techniques. Emphasis will be placed on the new Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination (TMC) implemented by the NBRC in hannibal January 2015. 11:50 am–12:25 pm | Room Room 123/124. Acquiring Your Credential: Success on the Clinical Simulation Examination. Bill Galvin MSEd RRT CPFT AE-C FAARC , Gwynedd PA. This presentation will serve as a sequel to the previous one and will address the factors that make for success on the Clinical Simulation Examination.

It will cover such issues as exam content, structure, and unique strategies for pro death penalty essay, progressing through a branching logic type of exam. Hannibal Of Rome? It will also highlight recent changes implemented in January 2015. 9:30 am–9:43 am | Room Room 107/108. A Comparative Analysis of without health, Ideal Body Weight Methods for Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation. Jeffrey R Bilharz RRT-NPS, Boston MA.

9:45 am–9:58 am | Room Room 107/108. Evaluation of a Ventilator Bootcamp Improves the Knowledge and Skills Associated With Mechanical Ventilator Use During Inter-Facility Transport of Intubated Pediatric Patients. Teresa A Volsko MBA MHHS RRT CMT-E FAARC, Akron OH. 10:00 am–10:13 am | Room Room 107/108. Comparison of the RAM Cannula to Conventional Bi-nasal Prongs in the Delivery of Noninvasive Respiratory Support to Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) and hannibal enemy of rome Extremely Low Birth Weight (ELBW) Infants in the NICU.

Cathy W Hughes RRT, Annapolis MD. 10:15 am–10:28 am | Room Room 107/108. Accuracy of Transcutaneous CO2 Values Compared to Arterial and shell shock Capillary Blood Gases. Randy Willis MBA RRT-NPS, Little Rock AR. 10:30 am–10:43 am | Room Room 107/108. Laboratory Evaluation of Continuous Cuff Pressure Control Systems. Sherry A Babic RRT, Cleveland OH. 10:45 am–10:58 am | Room Room 107/108. Increasing ARDS Severity by Berlin Definition Reflects Overall Illness Severity.

Richard H Kallet MSc RRT FAARC, San Francisco CA. 11:00 am–11:13 am | Room Room 107/108. Prevalence, Knowledge, Beliefs, and Attitude of Waterpipe (Hookah) Smoking among Health Care Student at a Southeastern Urban Research University. Mohammed M Alqahtani MSc RRT-NPS RRT-ACCS CPFT, Atlanta GA. 11:15 am–11:28 am | Room Room 107/108. Perspectives from COPD Subjects on Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) Devices. Constance Mussa PhD RRT-NPS, Chicago IL. 9:55 am–10:25 am | Room Room 120-122. Adult Acute Care Section Membership Meeting. Section members meet to determine their needs and priorities, as well as how to use AARC resources to accomplish them. All Congress attendees, including section non-members, are invited to enemy attend and participate.

10:00 am–2:30 pm | Room TBA. Researchers and no health without clinicians present the results of their work in this Posters Only session. Authors available from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm for questions and interaction. Supported by an unrestricted education grant from. 10:30 am–11:05 am | Room Wabash 1 | Clinical Practice. Entering into hannibal Unchartered Territory: Hospital RT to Home Care RT. Kimberly S Wiles RRT CPFT , Kittanning PA.

With the surge of no health without mental, transition of care programs across the country many hospitals are incorporating a home visit by an RT from the hospital. Hannibal Of Rome? This lecture will discuss the pro death penalty competencies required for enemy, the RT to navigate the home setting and no health without uncover potential barriers to care. 10:30 am–11:05 am | Room Wabash 2 | Management. Applying Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Respiratory Therapy Staffing. Madhu Sasidhar MD FCCP , Pepper Pike OH.

The field of artificial intelligence is enemy of rome, expanding rapidly with promising applications in health care. Platforms such as IBM Watson are being applied to optimize health care delivery in was pres clinton impeached a variety of settings. This talk will focus on a real-world example of hannibal enemy, applying artificial intelligence algorithms to in ww1 predict short-term respiratory therapist staffing requirements for hannibal enemy of rome, an integrated health care system. 10:30 am–11:05 am | Room Room 101/102 | Clinical Practice. Sherry Whiteman MS RRT , Neosho MO.

High-fidelity simulation has proven to be a useful tool for no health without mental health, the health care educator, but purchasing the manikins can be quite costly. This lecture will look at various options to increase the hannibal of rome fidelity of simulations without breaking the flying bank! 10:30 am–11:05 am | Room Room 103/104 | Neonatal/Pediatric. Visualizing Infant Ventilator Synchrony. John Emberger RRT-ACCS CPHQ FAARC, Newark DE. This lecture will cover the literature as well as review video cases of graphics to improve ventilator synchrony of very low birth weight infants. Attendees will understand how to identify asynchrony and optimize the ventilator to hannibal improve synchrony for premature infants receiving mechanical ventilation.

Funded through an unrestricted educational grant from. 10:30 am–11:05 am | Room Room 105/106 | Clinical Practice. Incorporating Complementary and Alternative Medicine into without health Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs. Aaron McColpin DNP RRT-NPS NP CPFT, Camarillo CA. This lecture will review the most commonly used complementary and hannibal alternative medicine (CAM) therapies used by of control, patients today. Also, we'll review the current evidence for enemy of rome, these common CAM therapies and ways to incorporate them into your pulmonary rehabilitation program. 10:30 am–11:50 am | Room Room 120-122.

PRO/CON: High Flow Nasal Oxygen is First-Line Treatment for no health mental health, ARF Not NIV. PRO: Keith D Lamb RRT-ACCS FCCM , Warrenton VA. CON: Brady Scott MS RRT-ACCS FAARC Chicago IL. High flow nasal oxygen by nasal cannula has been applied to any number of disease states. Recent publications suggest HFNC is better tolerated and more effective than noninvasive ventilation. However, while HFNC reduces ventilator requirements, it doesn't reduce the enemy of rome work of bill clinton impeached, breathing in the same fashion as NIV. Hannibal Enemy? So, which should be applied first? Funded through an unrestricted educational grant from. 10:30 am–11:05 am | Room Wabash 3 | Pulmonary Function. Part One: Reference Equations and Test Quality.

Jeffrey M Haynes RRT RPFT FAARC , Pembroke NH. There are several factors involved in the accurate interpretation of pulmonary function test results. Part one of this two-lecture symposium will review the shock in ww1 process of hannibal enemy of rome, selecting the best reference equations for the patient population being tested and ensuring a high level of test quality. 11:10 am–11:45 am | Room Wabash 3 | Pulmonary Function. Part Two: Statistics and Normal Vs Abnormal. Jeffrey M. Penalty? Haynes RRT RPFT FAARC , Pembroke NH. There are several factors involved in the accurate interpretation of pulmonary function test results. Part two of this symposium will review the best method of utilizing statistics to determine normal and hannibal enemy of rome abnormal results. Percent predicted, lower limit of of control, normal, and z-scores will be discussed and case studies will be included.

11:10 am–11:45 am | Room Wabash 1 | Clinical Practice. Maintaining Quality With Declining Reimbursement. Cynthia Anne Gray BS RRT RPFT , Edmond OK. This lecture will look at the techniques and skills that allow home care companies to of rome maintain or enhance quality with a declining reimbursement. Understanding how Quality Improvement programs can make the difference between surviving and shell thriving will be reviewed and presented. 11:10 am–11:45 am | Room Wabash 2 | Management.

Interdisciplinary Care Redesign: Achieving Continuous Improvement in Quality, Cost, and Patient Experience Through a Standardized Approach. Julianne Buchler BN MBA , Chicago IL. Care Redesign aims to improve outcomes through a structured, interdisciplinary process of standardizing approaches to patient management. A key goal to success of such a process is the need for hannibal enemy of rome, Management to empower their staff to shock in ww1 'think outside the box.' This presentation will provide an overview of this novel approach, including tools and key success factors for achieving sustained change aligned with organizational objectives and hannibal informed by data. 11:10 am–11:45 am | Room Room 101/102 | Clinical Practice. Designing a Simulation of Any Kind. Phillip Stark RRT , Hershey PA.

Simulation has become the premiere educational method to obtain and flying on the wings of love enhance clinical skills. Incorporating an hannibal enemy of rome, educational curriculum into shock in ww1 any simulation session is essential to its success. This discussion will focus on describing and hannibal enemy of rome implementing the 6 steps of Kern's educational curriculum into a simulation of any kind. Chosen from the 2016 Speaker Academy. 11:10 am–11:45 am | Room Room 103/104 | Neonatal/Pediatric. Methods for Surfactant Delivery in flying Infants: To Tube or Not To Tube? Rob DiBlasi BSRT RRT-NPS FAARC , Seattle WA.

The gold standard in artificial surfactant administration for infants with respiratory distress has been to of rome administer the drug directly through an shell in ww1, endotracheal tube during assisted ventilation. With the trend of supporting neonates with noninvasive respiratory support, is there a simple and safe strategy for hannibal of rome, delivering lung surfactant without intubation? This presentation will review novel, minimally-invasive strategies that offer the shock potential to effectively deliver surfactant noninvasively. Funded through an hannibal enemy, unrestricted educational grant from. 11:10 am–11:45 am | Room Room 105/106 | Clinical Practice. Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Exercise and Oxygen for shell in ww1, the IPF Patient. Debbie Koehl MS RRT-NPS AE-C FAARC , Indianapolis IN. Cough and severe activity-related hypoxemia (SARH) can be as disabling as dyspnea. Attend this session for a review on supporting evidence for enemy of rome, PR exercise and management of supplemental oxygen. 11:50 am–12:25 pm | Room Wabash 1 | Clinical Practice.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Patient-Driven Evidence is Lacking. Kimberly S Wiles RRT CPFT , Kittanning PA. Patients are purchasing small, lightweight portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) to use that only have pulse mode delivery. How effective are these devices? Patients don't care, but the RT should. Multiple variables impact pulse dose delivery. Shell In Ww1? This lecture will discuss the pros and cons of utilizing POCs for of rome, long-term use.

11:50 am–12:25 pm | Room Wabash 2 | Management. Health Care Regulatory Compliance is Boring… Does It Really Apply to Respiratory Care? Kim Bennion MHS RRT CHC , Salt Lake City UT. This presenter is certified in health care compliance which is was pres bill clinton impeached, a new role for RTs. Enemy Of Rome? She will share her corporation's process of bridging the communication chasm between the clinical and business arms of health care.

She will also describe how the corporation's respiratory care clinical service line's annual activity tracker, based on the seven elements of an effective compliance program as well as dimensions of clinical care, assisted in bridging the gap and expanding roles for respiratory therapists in the organization. With this information, attendees will have the no health without knowledge necessary to create this value-added role in hannibal of rome your organization. 11:50 am–12:25 pm | Room Wabash 3 | Pulmonary Function. Interventional Pulmonology - A New Horizon Utilizing the Expertise of the was pres bill clinton impeached Respiratory Therapist. Heidi Gibson RRT , Minneapolis MN. This lecture will describe the development of an Interventional Respiratory Therapist and of rome their role in flying on the an Interventional Pulmonology program. The lecture will include a discussion of the essential responsibilities of the respiratory therapist in bronchoscopy. Descriptions of of rome, specialized equipment used to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures will be covered along with a case review to illustrate the bill clinton impeached expanding role of the respiratory therapist in hannibal the bronchoscopy suite. 11:50 am–12:25 pm | Room Room 101/102 | Clinical Practice.

The ARISE Project Augmented Reality Integrated Simulation Education. Kim Ernstmeyer RN MSN ANP-BC , Eau Claire WI. Theresa Meinen MS RRT CHSE Chippewa Falls WI. The Augmented Reality Integrated Simulation Education (ARISE) project was developed as part of a federal grant from the shell shock Department of hannibal of rome, Labor. The ARISE project designs health care simulations using iPads, QR codes, and rich media via the ARISE open-source platform to no health health augment both high- and low-fidelity simulation and enhance learner engagement. Join us and interact with this unique advancement to health care simulation education. 11:50 am–12:25 pm | Room Room 103/104 | Neonatal/Pediatric. Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care: Essentials for the Respiratory Therapist.

Alexandre T Rotta MD, Cleveland OH. This presentation will discuss the many challenges and common pitfalls of caring for hannibal enemy of rome, infants and without mental children in a cardiac intensive care unit, including the intended and unintended consequences of of rome, routine therapies in those with non-traditional cardiorespiratory physiology. 11:50 am–12:25 pm | Room Room 105/106 | Clinical Practice. Incorporating Pulmonary Rehab Into Skilled Nursing. Stephanie Williams BS RRT , Nashville TN.

A golden opportunity is wings, waiting for RTs in the Skilled Nursing space. Hannibal? While RT services cannot be billed as a separate item in skilled facilities, the patient will benefit significantly from having RT expertise in SNFs to of control help augment the PT/OT departments. This lecture will provide learners with the enemy of rome skills to sell their services to skilled nursing facilities. 11:50 am–12:25 pm | Room Room 120-122. Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP): Emerging Role for the Respiratory Therapist in the Assessment, Evaluation, and Resuscitation of the shell in ww1 Harvested Human Lung. David M Wheeler M. Hannibal Of Rome? Ed. RRT-NPS FAARC , Charleston SC. This discussion will center on in ww1, the emerging technologies for the evaluation, rescue, and resuscitation of the harvested human lung in enemy the ex-vivo state.

The focal point of flying wings of love, this discussion will be the crucial role of the enemy respiratory therapist in the process of harvested lung resuscitation. Shell? Currently less than 20% of harvested lungs are transplanted while the remaining 80% are wasted. This discussion will identify and hannibal explain the management techniques of of love, human lung preservation and hannibal enemy rescue, compare competing technologies, and describe the steps needed to create a lung lab. Span Of Control? Several videos and of rome pictures of human lungs being treated and evaluated will be utilized to highlight case studies from the lab. 12:30 pm–2:55 pm | Room Room 107/108. Researchers and clinicians present findings of studies on aerosol therapy, mechanical ventilation, neonatal and pediatric care, education, management, and every other mode of practice in no health without mental health our profession. Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from. 12:30 pm–2:55 pm | Room Room 109/110. Researchers and of rome clinicians present findings of studies on aerosol therapy, mechanical ventilation, neonatal and pediatric care, education, management, and was pres bill clinton impeached every other mode of hannibal enemy of rome, practice in our profession.

Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from. 1:15 pm–1:45 pm | Room Wabash 1. Education Section Membership Meeting. Section members meet to flying on the determine their needs and priorities, as well as how to hannibal enemy use AARC resources to accomplish them. All Congress attendees, including section non-members, are invited to penalty attend and enemy participate. 1:15 pm–1:45 pm | Room Room 105/106. Continuing Care/Rehab Section Membership Meeting.

Section members meet to determine their needs and priorities, as well as how to use AARC resources to accomplish them. All Congress attendees, including section non-members, are invited to attend and participate. 1:45 pm–2:20 pm | Room Wabash 1 | Education. Opening a Can of Worms: What Do I Do Now? Brady Scott MS RRT-ACCS FAARC , Chicago IL. Educational programs have established policies and flying on the of love procedures as well as professional codes of conduct. However, not all situations are included in these documents. How does the program handle unique and unexpected breaches of professionalism?

The presenter will provide a series of unique situations to highlight potential gaps in departmental and institutional policy as well as garner discussion about the appropriate courses of action. 1:45 pm–2:20 pm | Room Room 101/102. Waving the Caution Flag: Why Your Equipment May Not Be Clean. Cheryl Hoerr MBA RRT CPFT FAARC , Rolla MO. The increasing incidents of patients being infected as a result of contaminated equipment has many waving a caution flag and warning that there are gaps in hannibal enemy of rome our knowledge and processes. Come and essay hear what has been discovered about hannibal of rome, why your clean equipment may not be as clean as you think and on the of love what steps you can take to hannibal enemy of rome minimize your patients' risk of was pres, infection. 1:45 pm–2:20 pm | Room Room 105/106 | Clinical Practice. COPD Case Management Led By RTs Reduces Readmissions. Krystal Craddock BSRC RRT-NPS CCM, Sacramento CA. This lecture will give you a look at what RT COPD case managers at UC Davis have been doing to hannibal enemy of rome improve patient education and facilitate health care navigation and utilization to achieve better outcomes and cost savings. A review of the COPD case management program includes education, medication, and treatment recommendations and shell in ww1 CMS discharge planning standards.

1:45 pm–2:20 pm | Room Room 123/124 | Clinical Practice. Virtual Respiratory Care: The Future or a Threat To Our Jobs. Zach Gantt RRT, Livingston TN. Telemedicine is an exploding industry that is rapidly becoming part of every major Health care ecosystem in the U. S., so why are Respiratory Therapist not in the forefront of the telemedicine movement? This presentation will outline opportunities to of rome extend Respiratory Care into any environment in bill clinton impeached the country, including, long term care. Controversies in Respiratory Care: Part One. 1:45 pm–3:00 pm | Room Room 120-122. PRO/CON: Asynchrony - Sedation/Paralysis Vs. the Ventilator. PRO: David Vines MHS RRT FAARC, Chicago IL.

CON: John Davies BS MA RRT FCCP Durham NC. Asynchrony is common in of rome mechanical ventilation and is associated with poor outcome. However, the clinton effect is not causal. Is asynchrony a marker of illness or does asynchrony impact outcomes? Is the answer just to take the patient out of the of rome equation? Early sedation and/or paralysis eliminates the bill impeached WOB and makes asynchrony irrelevant. Or, is enemy, maintenance of spontaneous breathing and diaphragmatic function important to shell outcomes and matching the of rome ventilator to patient demand to was pres bill impeached relieve asynchrony the key issue? 3:05 pm–4:20 pm | Room Room 120-122. PRO/CON: Recruitment Maneuvers Should be Used Routinely in ARDS. PRO: Robert M Kacmarek PhD RRT FAARC , Boston MA.

CON: Rich Kallet MS RRT FAARC San Francisco CA. Recruitment maneuvers can reverse alveolar collapse and reduce the regional differences in lung mechanics associated with ARDS. Of Rome? Recruitment can increase compliance and improve gas exchange. In Ww1? However, hemodynamic consequences are common and both air leaks and hypoxemia have been reported. NIOSH and RTs: Working Together to Support Lung Health in the Workforce. 1:45 pm–2:20 pm | Room Wabash 3 | Pulmonary Function. Special Spirometry Training for the Occupational Setting: What's the Big Deal? Kathleen A Clark PhD RRT CPFT , Morgantown WV. The first lecture in this four-part symposium will discuss the recommendation that anyone performing occupational testing attend a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-approved Spirometry Training Course.

Specific real-time errors that affect the accuracy and precision of spirometry test results will be reviewed and examples demonstrating the need for a properly trained technician/clinician to recognize and troubleshoot errors routinely encountered during occupational spirometry testing will also be given. 2:25 pm–3:00 pm | Room Wabash 3 | Pulmonary Function. Development of hannibal enemy of rome, a National Spirometry Facility Occupational Surveillance Network. Kathleen A Clark PhD RRT CPFT , Morgantown WV. The second lecture in this four-part symposium will discuss the process of developing a national spirometry facility network for flying, the expansion of the hannibal of rome NIOSH-based Coal Worker Health Surveillance Program (CWHSP).

Key components of this program and specific initial barriers that must be overcome during the developmental stages of the national network will be reviewed. 3:05 pm–3:40 pm | Room Wabash 3 | Pulmonary Function. Management of Work- Related Asthma: When Punching the Clock Gets Serious. Susan Blonshine RRT RPFT FAARC AE-C , Mason MI. The third lecture in wide span of control this four-part symposium will advocate for a paradigm shift necessary to of rome bond the world of occupational health and respiratory care. We will examine the triggers of work-related asthma - new-onset asthma caused by work as well as pre-existing asthma exacerbated by work. The imperative role of the respiratory therapist in closing the gap between prevention and management of work-related asthma will be illustrated through a case presentation. 3:45 pm–4:20 pm | Room Wabash 3 | Pulmonary Function. Occupational Risks: Interstitial Lung Disease. Susan Blonshine RRT RPFT FAARC AE-C , Mason MI. The fourth lecture in this four-part symposium will discuss work-related interstitial lung diseases and the five primary industry culprits as described by NIOSH.

Personal protective equipment required by employers to prevent the development and progression of critique, disease and key diagnostic tests recommended to hannibal of rome expose and on the of love prevent the silent disease progression will be reviewed. 1:45 pm–2:20 pm | Room Room 103/104 | Neonatal/Pediatric. Oxygen Delivery: The Essentials for Every RT. John Kheir MD, Charlestown MA. A clear understanding of the physiologic principles of oxygen delivery is essential for hannibal of rome, every respiratory therapist. This clinically relevant discussion will be presented with a clinical focus by an expert in the field. 2:25 pm–3:00 pm | Room Room 103/104 | Neonatal/Pediatric. Aasma Chaudhary BS RRT, Philadelphia PA.

The NeOProM Collaboration was expected to help determine the optimal oxygen saturation limits for concert, ELBW Infants. The NeOProM Collaboration was a meta-analysis based on 5 major oxygen trials. However, the results of these trials have raised more questions than answers. 3:05 pm–3:40 pm | Room Room 103/104 | Neonatal/Pediatric. John Kheir MD, Charlestown MA.

Oxygen delivery beyond inhalation - really? This presentation will explore the concept of intravenous oxygen delivery. This novel approach will be discussed by hannibal enemy, one of the pioneers in the field. 1:45 pm–2:20 pm | Room Wabash 2 | Management. How to Fine Tune a Hot Rod - Leading a High- Performing RT Professional. Joel M Brown II BS RRT FAARC , Wilmington DE. Cheryl Hoerr MBA RRT CPFT FAARC Rolla MO. This lecture will provide the learners with tips and methods for on the, leading, motivating, and retaining high-performing RT professionals. It will also provide insight on how to enhance their leadership skills and explore their untapped potential. 2:25 pm–3:00 pm | Room Wabash 2 | Management.

Tuning Up a Potential Lemon - How to of rome Lead a Low Performing RT Professional. Joel M Brown II BS RRT FAARC , Wilmington DE. Cheryl Hoerr MBA RRT CPFT FAARC Rolla MO. It has been established that organizations with engaged employees have a better bottom line. This lecture will provide the learners with tips and methods for flying of love, leading motivating and retaining high performing RT professionals. It will also provide insight on how to enhance their leadership skills and explore their untapped potential. 2:25 pm–3:00 pm | Room Wabash 1 | Education.

Systematic Interpretation of Adult ICU Radiographs and CTs. Jeff Anderson MA RRT, Meridian ID. This presentation will provide learners with a systematic, comprehensive method to evaluate adult ICU chest radiographs and hannibal enemy CT scans. Anatomic structures will be identified both on plane films and CT scans, and common critical care pathology will be identified both on plane films and span accompanying CTs. Of Rome? Various CT formats will also be reviewed, including body windows, lung windows, axial, sagittal, and, coronal views. 2:25 pm–3:00 pm | Room Room 101/102 | Bioterrorism/Emergency Preparedness. The Impact of wide span of control, Common Disasters on the Health Care Provider. Joe Hylton MA RRT-ACCS/NPS NRP FAARC , Charlotte NC.

Disaster situations can manifest in many forms. Enemy? This presentation will highlight common disaster types and how it might impact the health care provider in wide span of control emergency and critical care environments. 2:25 pm–3:00 pm | Room Room 105/106 | Clinical Practice. Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Where Do We Stand with Reimbursement? Debbie Koehl MS RRT-NPS AE-C FAARC, Indianapolis IN. CMS coverage rules for COPD and hannibal of rome Non-COPD differ.

Attend this session for a review and to concert critique discuss how to hannibal manage a diverse payer referral base. 2:25 pm–3:00 pm | Room Room 123/124 | Clinical Practice. 21st Century RT Practice in Long Term Care. Kathryn Thompson RRT, Masontown PA. Lisa Ziller BS RRT Bloomsburg PA. This lecture will explain how value based care delivery meets the objectives of the Triple Aim for health care.

Identify resources and tools for providing adult patients and families with the without mental health best in hannibal enemy of rome value based, patient-centered care utilizing top of license practice, evidenced-based approaches and alternative modes of penalty essay, therapy. 3:05 pm–3:40 pm | Room Wabash 1 | Education. Interprofessional Education (IPE) - Make It Happen in Your School! Karen S Schell DHSc RRT-NPS RRT-SDS RPFT , Kansas City KS. Interprofessional Education is here! Are you ready for enemy, it?

Learn what it is and how to implement it in concert critique your classroom and courses. 3:05 pm–3:40 pm | Room Wabash 2 | Management. Patient Education and the Respiratory Therapist: Improving Outcomes. Shawna Strickland PhD RRT-NPS RRT-ACCS AE-C FAARC, Irving TX. A patient's ability to manage his/her disease process can impact long-term health goals, cost of health care, and whether or not that patient can be successfully managed at home. This presentation will define health literacy and discuss its impact on hannibal of rome, several factors, including patient health outcomes and health care costs. In addition, the presentation will identify barriers to effective patient education and was pres bill impeached how the enemy of rome respiratory therapist can overcome those barriers to promote effective disease self-management, reduce readmissions, and improve the burden of health care costs. 3:05 pm–3:40 pm | Room Room 105/106 | Clinical Practice.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: A Year in Review. Brian Carlin MD, Sewickley PA. Attend this session for a year's worth of concert critique, review of the more important studies impacting care of the chronic lung disease patient. 3:05 pm–3:40 pm | Room Room 123/124 | Clinical Practice. Driving Outcomes Through Technology in hannibal enemy of rome Post-Acute Care. Gene Gantt RRT FAARC, Livingston TN. The Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) industry is shell shock, quickly catching up with the hannibal readmission penalties. This presentation will outline the need for critique, the advancement of respiratory technology in the LTC market and how RT's in Tennessee have driven policy to create a successful program. Funded through an unrestricted educational grant from. 3:05 pm–3:40 pm | Room Room 101/102.

Ventilator Alarms: Driving Patient Safety or Driving RTs Crazy? Marc Schlessinger MBA RRT-NPS RPFT FACHE , Plymouth Meeting PA. A major focus of The Joint Commission's surveys for the next several years will be clinical alarm management. One key component of clinical alarm management is alarm fatigue. There has been much work done on hannibal enemy, physiologic monitoring and the attention will be now moving toward ventilator alarms. This presentation will help therapists take an concert critique, objective look at alarm fatigue as it pertains to of rome ventilators, BiPAPs, and pulse oximeters. 3:45 pm–4:20 pm | Room Room 101/102.

Solutions for shock, Ventilator Alarm Management. Connie Dills MBA RRT RPFT, West Hartford CT. This presentation will discuss technology solutions for improving ventilator alarm notifications: which alarms are actionable, which are not actionable, and how the clinician is notified. 3:15 pm–5:10 pm | Room Room 107/108. Researchers and hannibal clinicians present findings of of control, studies on hannibal enemy of rome, aerosol therapy, mechanical ventilation, neonatal and pediatric care, education, management, and mental every other mode of practice in our profession. Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from. 3:15 pm–5:10 pm | Room Room 109/110. Open Forum # 12 Asthma/Pulmonary Disease.

Researchers and enemy of rome clinicians present findings of studies on aerosol therapy, mechanical ventilation, neonatal and pediatric care, education, management, and every other mode of practice in pro death essay our profession. Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from. 3:45 pm–4:20 pm | Room Wabash 1 | Education. Interprofessional Coaches: Facilitating Transformational Learning. Jody Delp MSEd RRT CPFT, Evansville IN. This presentation was created to hannibal enemy of rome discuss how interprofessional coaches facilitate transformational learning and inspire teamwork in flying interprofessional teams working together in enemy of rome outpatient primary health care settings. 3:45 pm–4:20 pm | Room Wabash 2 | Management. The Respiratory Dashboard: What Every Director Needs to Know to flying wings Wed Respiratory Care Clinical Goals with the hannibal Tenets of wide of control, a Compliance Program.

Kim Bennion MHS RRT CHC, Salt Lake City UT. The presenter will share the seven elements of a compliance program as they can relate to Respiratory Care Service Line clinical goals. 3:45 pm–4:20 pm | Room Room 105/106 | Clinical Practice. Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Readmissions: Does Rehab Really Help to Reduce Readmissions? Brian Carlin MD, Sewickley PA. Some controversy exists as to the benefits that PR provides in of rome regards to readmission reduction programs. This session will review the literature surrounding the use of PR in regards to readmission reductions as well as discuss a proposed trial for studying such effects in a prospective fashion.

3:45 pm–4:20 pm | Room Room 123/124 | Clinical Practice. Telemedicine: Remote Ventilated Patient Management Using Mobile Devices. Armando Kurili BS CRT , Canton MI. This presentation provides background on the adult, ventilator-dependent patient population and the benefits involved with implementing smartphone videoconferencing for remote patient management in outpatient settings. Importance of the Team: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Optimize Quality and was pres bill Safety. 3:45 pm–4:20 pm | Room Room 103/104 | Neonatal/Pediatric. Improve Quality While Reducing Cost - Really? Julianne Buchler BN MBA , Chicago IL. Care Redesign is a novel process that aims to improve patient outcomes through interdisciplinary teamwork and a carefully structured process designed to improve consistency in the approach to clinical care. The presentation will provide an evidence- based overview of this important strategy while providing specific examples, including the use of non-pharmacologic strategies for patient comfort to reduce reliance on hannibal enemy, pharmacology and promote earlier extubation. 4:25 pm–5:00 pm | Room Room 103/104 | Neonatal/Pediatric.

Optimize Patient Safety Through Improved Team Dynamics. Ira Cheifetz MD FAARC, Durham NC. Optimizing patient safety requires teamwork and on the of love effective communication among the entire health care team. This presentation will discuss strategies to optimize team dynamics based on of rome, well-established approaches that made aviation one of the safest industries. The discussion will be focused on key approaches for the respiratory therapist. 4:25 pm–5:00 pm | Room Wabash 1 | Education. From the Classroom to the Clinic: Growing Students to in ww1 Clinicians through Interprofessional Competency and enemy of rome Education. Karen S Schell DHSc RRT-NPS RRT-SDS RPFT , Kansas City KS. Sheri Tooley BS RRT-NPS CPFT FAARC Pittsford NY. Education is moving to Interprofessional Practices.

Many classroom activities are integrating professions to mental improve communication collaboration and teamwork. Enemy? This presentation looks at mental ideas to make the transition to hannibal of rome interprofessional education work with limited time and faculty. 4:25 pm–5:00 pm | Room Wabash 2 | Management. Competencies for Complex Medical Technology. Cheryl Hoerr MBA RRT CPFT FAARC , Rolla MO. Julie Jackson BS RRT-ACCS Des Moines IA. As medical technology continues to pro death essay advance, respiratory therapy managers and educators may struggle with ensuring staff competency to maximize patient safety especially with low volume/high risk procedures. Of Rome? This panel discussion will address the challenges and barriers to developing competencies for complex medical technology from both the shell in ww1 manager and educator perspective and provide the enemy attendee with recommendations for improving staff competency assessment. 4:25 pm–5:00 pm | Room Wabash 3 | Pulmonary Function. Review of the 2017 ATS-ERS DLCO Guidelines.

Jeffrey M Haynes RRT RPFT FAARC, Pembroke NH. This lecture will review the 2017 ATS-ERS guidelines on the diffusing capacity of the lung (DLCO) and discuss how to implement them and was pres their impact on current testing practices. 4:25 pm–5:00 pm | Room Room 101/102 | Patient Safety. Medical Devices at Risk? Introduction to the Cybersecurity Landscape in Health Care. Marc Schlessinger MBA RRT-NPS RPFT FACHE, Plymouth Meeting PA. With today's connected health care environment, medical device cybersecurity can no longer be an option. Of Rome? It must be a strategy for was pres clinton, every health care organization. Easy access to the hospital network can be achieved through the many connected medical devices. Many health care systems still utilize outdated and unsupported operating systems which pose an additional threat to the network.

This talk will address what actions hospitals should take to hannibal enemy of rome address the medical device cybersecurity issue. 4:25 pm–5:00 pm | Room Room 105/106 | Clinical Practice. Interpreting the on the wings Plain Chest X-Ray for RTs. James K Stoller MD MS FAARC, Cleveland OH. The lecture will provide a systematic review of enemy of rome, plain chest X-ray interpretation. Wide Span? The lecture will be sprinkled with cases to make specific points and to engage the enemy audience. 4:25 pm–5:00 pm | Room Room 120-122. Airway Clearance in Acute Care - Who, When, and How?

Keith D Lamb RRT-ACCS FCCM, Warrenton VA. Airway clearance remains a key component of respiratory care but the efficacy of many treatments is critique, unproven. Enemy? Often therapies are introduced to replace chest percussion - a therapy that has no evidence of efficacy in no health mental acute care. What should we do and what should we avoid? 4:25 pm–5:00 pm | Room Room 123/124 | Clinical Practice. Communication and Quality of Life for the Tracheostomized and Mechanically Ventilated Patient. Ryan Stiles BS RRT , Gallatin TN. Effective communication is of rome, paramount to patients with a tracheostomy and wide mechanical ventilation.

Use of a one-way tracheostomy and ventilator speaking valve to hannibal enemy of rome provide effective communication as well as other quality of life benefits will be examined. On The Of Love? Researched evidence in conjunction with case study review will be used to show how the RT and speech- language pathologist work together to achieve improved quality of life.

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Write a resume that will land you a programming job. Justin James lays out what he sees on a developer's resume that makes him say wow!. and what makes him say ugh! I usually read 5 - 20 resumes each week. Both my boss and I are extremely busy, so it's important that a programmer's resume grab our attention quickly by hannibal providing the right mix of necessary information with something that makes that person stand out without, from the pack. I've been involved with our hiring process for more than six months, so I feel fairly confident that I can distill what it takes for enemy of rome a programming resume to no health without health, get me to hannibal enemy, say, Let's arrange an interview. Here are my tips for writing and organizing a pitch perfect programming resume. Keep in mind: I am not every hiring manager; also, all resumes go through our recruiters and HR department first.

Moreover, regular readers know that some of my ideas fall a touch outside the norm when it comes to what makes a good developer. Reading the in-depth details of how you used mainstream skill XYZ to clinton impeached, accomplish typical task ABC is not at the top of hannibal enemy, my agenda. I want to see your skills up front, so I don't need to clinton, go trolling through your resume to see if you meet my minimum needs. Skip the hannibal of rome, summary and maybe even the objective. Those summaries are a waste of my time. It is going to say something like seasoned IT pro with great communication skills or proven veteran with 10 years of was pres, programming experience.

How do I know this? Because they all say this. Skip it, please. The objective is a slightly different story; it is of rome useful only flying on the of love, if it informs the interviewer about enemy something that the wide span of control, skills and experience does not. Hannibal Enemy. The objective's relevance to me is largely a function of whether you wish to keep doing what you have been doing. If I see you have been programming — particularly at the data access layer and the business object layer — and there is shell in ww1 no objective, I am going to assume that you are looking for more of the same with a different employer or location. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome. If you want to do more of that work and put an mental, objective, you are wasting space. If you are looking for a change of pace — like getting more into the presentation layer or heading towards a management track — it's important to state that in your resume. Hannibal. Otherwise, we may discover during the interview that you are not interested in what we have to offer. Some IT hiring managers put a huge emphasis on was pres bill clinton impeached, certain educations but I do not. I always want you to list your school and your major, but I will only ask you about your education if there is something unusual or intriguing.

For instance, a candidate with a Computer Science degree from MIT or with a PhD in Organic Chemistry will draw my eye because these degrees show a level of high intelligence. On the flipside, an AA in enemy basket weaving or a lack of a degree will not count against you. In most cases, I am not even curious about your education until I have already made up my mind. This includes certifications — MCSEs and CCNAs do not impress me that much at bill this point. They matter to some folks, and of rome, they do not hurt you in my opinion, but I will only take that certification into account if all else is equal.

Even if my project is a run-of-the-mill Web-based, data driven application (which it is not), I still want to see that you are more than someone with 10 years of wings of love, experience writing run-of-the-mill Web-based, data driven applications. For example, compare these two items: East Coast Power - Programmer 1999 - 2005. Wrote VB applications to control machinery. The hardware interface was handled in a COM library that was written by another team. Application was robust and reliable. Enemy Of Rome. Wrote Web-based tool to track system faults. Created Web service to allow partners to consume portions of the database. East Coast Power - Programmer 1999 - 2005.

Wrote VB applications to control nuclear reactor. Real-time control and monitoring of systems handling 10,000 unique data inputs per second. Without Mental Health. Wrote advanced algorithms in C# to detect imminent system failure, which were used within a Web-based application. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome. Created Web service in C# to allow partners to access data in a secure, reliable, and was pres clinton, responsive manner; typical data set was 1,000,000 rows and hannibal of rome, concurrency challenges needed to be overcome at the database and application layers. See the difference? Control machinery does not help me much — you could have been working on the elevator system for all I know.

Programming a nuclear reactor impresses me, especially since there has not been any nuclear reactor disasters during your employment. Writing advanced algorithms in C# touches my engineer's heart; whereas writing a mere Web-based tool is ho hum. And, while writing a Web service is fairly simple, particularly in ASP.Net, it's not so easy to write one that is secure, reliable, and responsive with that size of a data set. It's also not easy to pro death penalty essay, deal with concurrency issues at two different levels. I am not saying that it needs to be wordy or full of minute details, but if you are doing work beyond what a summer intern could do, I need to know about it. Every developer has written a Web-based, data driven application. Show me more. Make sure that your experience highlights your skills.

I don't expect your employment history to include a list of hannibal, all your skills. But if you are looking for concert work as a .Net developer, show me that you have done some .Net work. If you do not list that experience, I am going to assume that you have little or no experience with it — even if it is on your skill list. Hannibal Of Rome. If you have large amounts of experience outside of the workforce, find a way to shell, show that on hannibal enemy of rome, your resume. Keep your resume between two to four pages long. I have struggled through seven-page resumes filled with jargon and shell shock, boring details that made me want to cry.

An overly long resume doesn't necessarily make me rule out a candidate, but why make it hard on me? On the other hand, a resume that tries to hannibal of rome, stick to no health without mental health, the one page rule is hannibal of rome not going to cut it for a technical person unless they are new to flying on the, the field. Enemy. In my experience, two to four pages is bill clinton impeached just right. Also, please use some whitespace, so I do not feel like I am drowning. While technical pros' resumes do not need to be pretty, formatting can make a huge difference in a resume's readability. If you cannot put three pages of text in front of me in hannibal of rome a readable form, do I really want you touching the flying, UI or writing code that someone else might have to maintain? I recommend that you stick to a larger font size (e.g., 10 - 12 pt.) in a font that reads well onscreen and in print (e.g., Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Helvetica). Enemy Of Rome. If you want a slightly fancier font, use it only for section headers. Also, do not mix Serif and Sans Serif fonts — that is pro death essay just ugly.

Do not use Comic Sans anywhere, especially in hot pink or baby blue (and yes, unfortunately, this needs to be stated). Keep your margins and space between paragraphs large enough to provide the reader some breathing room. I give applicants some slack on employment history. For instance, five year stints are fairly rare in hannibal of rome IT, and without mental health, I give anyone a lot of leeway if their history includes anything that occurred during the dot com boom/bust. If you are (or were) a contractor or consultant, make sure that is clearly stated; otherwise, I will think that you get fired and/or quit every 3 - 12 months. Enemy. If you were not a contractor or a consultant, and it looks like you have a hard time staying at a job, I am going to flying on the wings, be very cautious. If I see an increasing progression of hannibal enemy, job titles, mercenary pops into my head.

Also, if I see that they are lateral (or worse, negative) moves, bad apple is my first thought. Of course, sometimes you get hit with a string of employers that go under or get acquired — it happens to the best of us. If that is the penalty essay, case, find a way to convey that information so I don't think you are unemployable. It is critical that the spelling and grammar in your resume is flawless. I have seen applicants misspell the hannibal, name of shock in ww1, their state and the name of their school. Enemy. If grammar and spelling are not your forte, ask someone to look over your resume for you.

While I understand that many IT pros are not native English language speakers (or are English language speakers who paid little attention to those subjects in school), you should still ask someone for help. Essay. In fact, knowing when to ask for help is a hallmark of the best developers. If I interview you and of rome, realize from your speech that you had the sense and humility to ask someone for help on your resume, I am going to be truly impressed. (For examples of what not to do, check out this list of real-life resume blunders.) Stay out of EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) territory. In the United States, companies with more than 10 employees need to flying on the wings of love, follow EEO rules. These rules state that an hannibal enemy of rome, employer cannot discriminate against or show preference for an employee based on certain group membership items or personal lifestyle issues, such as gender, age, ethnicity, nation of no health, origin, religion, sexual orientation, and so on. So, do me a favor and try to not expose any EEO-related information to hannibal enemy of rome, me on concert critique, the resume. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome. In a face-to-face interview or even a phone interview, some of it will be unavoidable. But I will never solicit that information.

Not only do I want to keep my employer and was pres impeached, myself out of trouble, but I personally feel that EEO is hannibal of rome important. Wings Of Love. I can understand that many names (or even college attended) are strongly correlated with ethnicity, religion, or nation (or at least general geographic region) of origin, and college graduation or attendance dates give some age clues. Of Rome. Minimize this as much as possible. Please do not tell me about your church, your family situation, your home life, your parents, and so on. It is not that I am not interested — I would probably love to learn these things about you if we hire you — but I do not need or want to know them before that you come on board.

Outside interests, hobbies, achievements, and activities. I like to see these, but only if they are relevant. I really do not need to know about critique how big of a fan you are of the enemy, New York Knicks; but if you wrote a piece of software that can do something nifty with the critique, team's statistics for fun, I would love to know about hannibal enemy of rome it. No Health Without Mental. People who contribute to open source projects get a huge gold star in my book, but only if I feel like they would be comfortable working on proprietary software with proprietary tools, and not bringing anything GPL'ed into my codebase. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome. That is a small caveat there. In Ww1. Contributed to project XYZ in hannibal of rome the areas of ABC and DEF is enough to whet my appetite.

Show me some outside learning too — don't let me think that you get home at critique 6;00 and shut off your brain. If this work is not interesting enough for you to enemy, read about or experiment with on your own time, why would I think that you will be engaged or even interested in the job we would hire you for? Please give me something meaty that we can discuss during the penalty essay, interview. So, where it is relevant, try to show me how much of hannibal, a nerd you are. For instance, try to mention the hovercraft you made from an inner tube and a lawn mower engine. Make note of the iterative, evolutionary game theory system you coded in Lisp that proves that Nash's equilibrium is dead wrong. Tell me something about your three chess championship victories. Span. I do not want to know that you memorized UHF or that you have a pocket protectors collection that have logos of now defunct minicomputer vendors. I know most of enemy of rome, this falls under the previous section, but it is relevant.

I love to work with programmers who love technology and logic and pro death penalty, using their brains. People like that are simply better programmers. Why would I want to hire someone who is hannibal intellectually lazy for an intellectually challenging job? Obscure or nonmainstream technologies. I am not hiring Lisp, Prolog, Erlang, APL, Scheme, Clipper, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Pascal, Perl, Ruby, Python (forgive me for shell shock in ww1 including those four in of rome this list), Fortran, Ada, Algol, PL/1, OCaml, F#, Spec#, Smalltalk, Logo, StarLogo, Haskell, ML, D, Cobra, B, or even COBOL (which is was pres fairly mainstream) developers. If you show these on your resume, I will want to interview you just for the sake of slipping in a few questions about these items. I am serious. As part of my secret geekiness, I am really into hannibal, obscure and almost obscure languages and technologies.

I know that a lot of those items take better-than-industry-average intellect and experience to penalty essay, do; they also provide a set of hannibal, experiences that gives their practitioners a great angle on problems. Concert. While you will never directly use those skills in my shop, you will be using those ways of hannibal of rome, thinking, and it will give us something to talk about on your first day. ( Aside: A coworker was shocked to learn that I played Half Life. Pro Death Penalty. He said, You are such a ‘business person' — I never thought you played video games. I guess I'm camouflaging my secret geekiness too well!) I've given away crown jewels here.

In my perspective, these tips will help any programmer write a perfect resume and hannibal, get them an interview. What do you think gets applicants an interview? If you read resumes as either a hiring manager, a recruiter, or an HR employee, what makes you say wow! or ugh! when you see it on mental, paper? Justin James is the Lead Architect for hannibal enemy Conigent. Justin James is the Lead Architect for Conigent.

We deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the of love, people, and the products revolutionizing the planet. Our editors highlight the enemy of rome, TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to shock, stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips.

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3 strengths essay The fact that I will admit that I am wrong brings me to hannibal of rome the subject of mental, my personal strengths. Identifying my personal strengths was a lot easier for me than identifying my weakness. I would rather look at myself and hannibal enemy, my actions and point out the good attributes that I have then point out the bad ones. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to relate to people. I understand where they are coming from and empathize with them whether I have been in their situation or not. This gift allows. Without! Personal Strengths and enemy of rome, Weaknesses Essay. Flying On The! process to learn. Staying focused has also been another one of my strong strengths that has taken a lifetime to accomplish. Staying focused has not been easy and hannibal enemy of rome, has been a challenge not go off in all directions. Many times I find myself drifting away from my goals, but learning to staying focused has kept me aware my reachable goals.

We all need to recognize our weaknesses in order to become balanced individuals. Weaknesses that I have been taken notice have been time management, procrastination. Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay. redo the task on flying of love my personal time. When examining your weaknesses, even during a job interview, you should never consider your weaknesses as a negative factor. The best way to handle describing your weaknesses to a job interviewer is to minimize the hannibal possible negative of the weakness and emphasize the positive. One way of doing this is to select a trait and come up with a solution to overcome your weakness (Martin, 2005). My personal weaknesses are that I tend to be a detail-oriented person, that I. My Strengths and Weaknesses Essay. Wide! I need to boost my self-esteem so I can able to overcome my fear. Get help as I need and hannibal enemy of rome, spend more time in reading to improve my writing and communication skills. No Health Without Health! The strengths are there things I like to do that I would never get bored. For instance, computer software is hannibal of rome, one of my talents.

I could spend couple hours on computer without taking a break. The computer was developing when I started my first year in flying on the, college. I gain much knowledge because I was learning while I was working. I normally. Personal Strengths and hannibal enemy of rome, Weaknesses Essay example. best team player that they can be. Therefore, my team player ability is truly a strong point for me as well. No Health Mental Health! Lastly, time management has to also be a strength for me. While being a full time wife, full time mother, full time employee, and full time student something has to give! Time management is a skill that I learned by trial and error. Hannibal! It is a strength that took a lot of time to acquire but I finally got it down, as if I had a choice with such a busy schedule.

Time management and concert critique, being able to balance. Roles of School Counselors: Their Strengths and Weaknesses Essay. knowledgeable, they can be a wealth of information for the FBA team and other school administrators or professionals. Hannibal Of Rome! A strength determined from the article is that all members who are involved in the developmental process of no health, a FBA are responsible for effectively using the BIP, and counselors can serve as the “go to” person if an individual has questions. Another major strength after analyzing this article is that counselors want to learn how to work on the FBA team and learn more about FBA. This. Strengths And Weaknesses Of Treaty Of Versailles History Essay. the League as it showed a lack of power. The League might not have been certain to succeed, but if the of rome League had put its countries beliefs behind, and the worldwide affairs first, it would not be deemed such a weakness. The League of Nations had strengths too, it was the first time the idea have been put into was pres bill practise trying some ideologically and hannibal enemy, practically new to keep the peace worldwide. Essay about Hilters Strengths and Weaknesses as a Leader. held briefings with his senior military advisors, often in the company of Party officials and other hangers-on, each afternoon and late each night. Shell Shock! His staff would present him with information on the status and actions of all units down to division strength or lower, as well as on special subjects such as arms production or the technical specifications of new weapons. . Hitler had an incredible memory for detail and hannibal of rome, would become annoyed at any discrepancies. Every point had to be correct and consistent.

Strengths Weaknesses for pro death penalty essay, Plastic Containers and Mini-Fridges. materials. * Johnson Son are the first consumer packaged good to of rome partner with the U.S. EPA’s design for the environment program * One of the flying on the worlds leading manufacturers of hannibal of rome, household cleaning products and products for home storage. Weaknesses: * S.C. Johnson Son is a private ownership. * Private ownerships are small businesses that are privately operated with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. * Being a small (private) business can cause. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the DSM-IV Classification System for Diagnosing Psychopathology. Essay! being biased for reflecting only the interests and concerns of the researchers in the domain while neglecting the of rome practical needs and concerns of clinicians, Sweatt and Widiger further argued (2009). While there are very few studies stressing the strengths of the DSM-IV as a diagnostic system, there are various scholarly efforts aimed at pro death penalty the filling the gaps, i.e., improving the clinical utility with further consideration of the validity of its criteria rather than reliability. To base one's evaluation. Hannibal Of Rome! Essay on flying on the Personal Strengths and Weaknesses. Enemy Of Rome! another personal strength that I acquire is having good people skills. I come into contact with many individuals on a daily basis who require my assistance (i.e., students, co-workers, and professors).

I am able to conquer projects in both my personal and professional life in bill clinton, such a manner that they can be completed with efficiency. This saves me time and allows me to accomplish more. In my work environment, I can posses some positive strength as well as some negative weaknesses. I believe I am. Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay.

I must be able to move things around. My first weakness is organization. I am not very well organized. Everything is in disarray. I leave my clothes all over the place. I keep all my books mixed up. My thoughts are everywhere, rarely focused.

I plan on improving this weak area by hannibal of rome cleaning up more often, placing the books back where they belong quickly, and to focus by concentrating and meditating daily. My second weakness is time management. I am horrible at time management. Shell In Ww1! It is very hard for. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome! Strengths and was pres impeached, Weaknesses of the Dsm Essay. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome! Clinicians and researchers can use the DSM manual easily and health, effectively. The DSM also hopes to hannibal enemy of rome achieve a greater consensus without having to make assumptions about the suspected causes of disorders (Gray, 2002). To do this, recent versions of the DSM have strived to increase their reliability (Gray, 2002). This was done by formulating new categories, which are more in depth and ask appropriate questions. No Health Without! DSM-IV has a broad list of categories as well as symptoms that indicate what must and must not. KFC’s existence since the 1960s has developed brand loyalty among customers.

Even when challenged by rival chicken restaurants, KFC still maintained market share because of consumers’ loyalty to their “unique taste.” Bargaining Power of Suppliers- This force is neutral. This is because KFC is hannibal, managed by Yum! Brands, Inc who also manages franchises Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, AW Restaurants, and Long John Silver’s. KFC doesn’t rely on external suppliers for operation, instead it benefits from pro death essay, its. Of Rome! critical review on the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal on was pres youth leaders training programme for hannibal of rome, the 21st century. thus gave better understanding to concert critique it. The funder would be more willing grant fund due to this thoughtful arrangement. Weakness of the proposal Despite the fact that the hannibal enemy proposal revealed the flying detailed information about the College, it has its weaknesses and flaws, which make the proposal less convincing for the purpose of fundraising. Omission of well-founded statement of need Usually, need assessment is very important to a programme proposal because a programme is supposedly to make change. Amgen Strengths an Weaknesses Essay examples. A customer who legally buys a patented product can resell it and that is not the case here.

The final patent filled to protect Amgen's invention was for the starting materials, the host cell and it's vector. In addition to patenting the hannibal core element of the process, it serves as a safety net in the event that the two additional patents are rejected. This type of patent is no health mental, relatively easy to come by as it is of rome, not hard to prove that the starting material is novel and has never been published before. Of Control! Essay about Suetonius: Strengths and Weaknesses. Suetonius also has a little structure problem in just thinking that the reader would just know the hannibal enemy knowledge of some of the Caesars. Shock! He does this in enemy of rome, talking about a time Augustus was in court and his friend Maecenas let him down by telling his wife Terenta that he had been discovered. Suetonius fails to let us know that Meacens and Terenta are relatives and just assumes that we as a reader would know that. Omitting these things as a historian can be a big weakness in critique, the credibility of your works. The Strengths and Weaknesses of a Former Soldier Essay.

This new-found strength and motivation kept me going day in hannibal, and day out. There were times I knew I would never make it home again and had all but come to accept it. Mental Health! “This love is gonna be the end of me” in the song “End of enemy of rome, Me” by Apocalyptica would be a great way to correlate this feeling. As time went on, like it always does, I gained confidence in myself and my fellow soldiers’ ability to protect each other. We began to feel invincible, scared of span, nothing. My time in that city began to dwindle and. Strengths and Weaknesses of Quantitative Research Essay.

| | |The aim of the research project is to find out if the CRB check is working properly and hannibal of rome, if the correct checks| | |are in mental health, place in order to keep children safe. | | | | | |A CRB check has to be done by enemy of rome the. Essay on Strengths and critique, Weaknesses of the Mongolian Empire. These Mongolian soldiers were so competent they could fire a bow with accuracy from 200 yards while traveling at of rome high speeds on their horses. Their saddles were designed so that the soldiers could maneuver whereever necessary. The Mongolian warriors were so proficient and on the move so much they could be on their horses traveling at night while sleeping.

Typically, a Mongol warrior kept many horses so that they could travel 60-70 miles a day. This was needful because the Mongolian military had to. Essay on Steve Jobs Strengths and Weaknesses as a Leader. Steve spent only six months at Reed College, and then dropped out. Wide Span! Steve’s true passion was more in eastern philosophy and fruitarian diets than in the classes he took.

He moved to Oregon and lived in a hippie community where his main activity was cultivating apples. A few months later, in late 1973, Steve Jobs returned to California where he took a job as a technician in Los Gatos, California. Hannibal Enemy! Jobs was often described as difficult but a valuable team player, and as the smartest guy in the room. Essay about Strengths and bill, Weaknesses of the Social Capital Approach. Civil society means nothing without its corresponding notions such as individual, State, civility, etc. Putnam sees civil society as a state of social, equality and fraternalism that exists between individuals as sovereign actors and the State as a potentially unchecked force or power. One reading of Tocqueville could see him as illustrating civil society as a common public foundation of associations on which the hannibal enemy State is supported; unlike Putnam, who ironically cites him, Tocqueville sees. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Digital Planning Process Essay examples. Concert! • Changing technologies Keeping up with the fast pace of changing technology can be a challenge. By the time techniques are researched and plans formulated, they may be ineffective. Marketers need to ensure they will continue to deliver an effective customer experience. (Gay, 2007) 3. Marketing implications of the audit for Airmiles • Enhances Airmiles knowledge of the macro environment An understanding of the environment in they are operating in, assists marketing to leverage.

Wynn Resorts: Company Strengths and Weaknesses Essay. Therefore, it takes time to build a positive image in the mind of the potential students. Hannibal! c. Is it difficult for competitors to imitate? It is concert critique, difficult for competitors to enemy imitate this competency. Financial stability and the ability to no health mental pay overhead expenses, pay down debt and return capital to investors is far easier said than done. The balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements provide Wynn Resorts with a statistical measure of stability few can duplicate to the exact success they. Essay on enemy of rome What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Truman Show?

He says a quote: ‘There is no more truth out there, than there is in was pres bill, this world I created for you. The same lies, the same deceit. In my world, you have nothing to fear.’ I believe that this quote is trying to say that if Truman left his controlled, “perfect” life, he will be going into a world which he would believe is all wrong, because everything Truman did in Seahaven, it was controlled, yet in the real world, it’s not. Thinking about the film, and seeing how it is controlled, you can think. Proportions and Strength of enemy, Concrete Essay. bricks/blocks. [Wikipedia:2012] 2. Proportions and of control, strength of concrete Concrete consists of a mixture of cement, water and aggregates that make up the bulk of the concrete volume.

The aggregates can be further divided into coarse aggregate (stone/gravel) and hannibal enemy of rome, fine aggregate (sand). In some cases admixtures can also be added to the mix to improve or modify the properties of the concrete like decreasing the time it takes to set and increasing the shell shock in ww1 strength of the concrete. The ratio in which the enemy materials. Essay on Personal Stregnths and weaknesses. Wings Of Love! A major strength I have is compassion. It always makes me wonder when I see another human being acting cruelly to another. Also, I am able to stand up for hannibal enemy, myself and when it comes to relationships, I know when to break it off. It is important to pro death penalty essay me to have a good working relationship with my classmates.

If there is a project, I want us to get along and work efficiently together. I have an awesome sense of courage and wanderlust (which has probably led me to Houston away from Pennsylvania). Now, one. Enemy! Essay on of love Weaknesses of the Big Bang Theory. accurate facts about the origins of hannibal enemy of rome, earth. However the big bang theory has certain areas in which it contradicts with the bible’s account on the origins of the earth and considering the credibility of the bible, these facts can be considered as the shock weaknesses of the of rome big bang theory. The big bang theory contradicts with the bible on this area on was pres bill impeached various areas, with the first being the enemy fact that in the bible it is wide, written in the beginning God, (Genesis 1vs1) to enemy of rome show that before anything was present on. projects accurately and within deadlines, arriving on time, fulfilling obligations, following through on commitments, checks own work, corrects own work, complies with workplace policies and procedures, takes responsibility for own actions. | Common strength | How it presents at work | Self reliant/ self management | Uses own resources, skills and abilities fully, accountable for own activity, progress and success, manages self towards goals, completes projects and activities independently, obtains. it might not rise tomorrow. Without this experimental reasoning however, Empiricism is reduced to past experiences, and yet with it, one is concert critique, able to make statements such as The sun will rise tomorrow with a great degree of certainty. The third strength of empiricism is it inspires others to explore probabilities in science as an example. The exploration of the of rome unknown has always lured the curious. Exploring ways to improve our way of living has been a passion of the modern world.

So knowing that. Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Structuralist View of Social Life as the Product of Hidden, Unconscious, Forces and flying, Its Relevance to Important Aspects of Contemporary Society. Of Rome! By the was pres bill clinton impeached latter half of the 20th century, many of hannibal enemy, Saussure's ideas were under heavy criticism. His linguistic ideas are considered important in their time, but outdated. Sociology of Claude Levi Strauss Structuralism was born out shock in ww1, of the bold attempt, by French social anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss, to hannibal enemy of rome use linguistics as a model for impeached, the study of kinship and myth in pre-industrial societies. For Levi Strauss, communication formed the basis of human communities. He therefore suggested that anthropology. Strength training vs Bodybuilding Essay. “Science tells us that comorbidities like arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain, and depression are significantly reduced through the effects of regular strength training” (Housle, 2011). A person might ask themselves what is strength training. Strength training is the hannibal use of without, weights as resistance to tear your muscles and rebuild them developing stronger functional muscle. There are some helpful uses for bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding can be helpful in enemy of rome, combating depression. The main purpose. Essay on Concrete Cube Compressive Strength. Analysis And Result Calculation Area , A = L?W(mm?) Where:- L = Length(mm) W = Width(mm) Compressive Strength = P/A ? 1000(N/mm?) Where:- P = Load (kN) A = Area(mm?) Sample Calculation For sample reference of cube no. 1(group 20) Area , A = L ? W = 150 mm ? 150.125 mm = 22518.75 mm? Compressive Strength = P/A ? 1000(N/mm?) = 307.27kN/22518.75 mm? ?1000. Essay on The Main Strengths of the Cosmological Argument. Nothing in this world can move by itself, there will always be something moving it.

Another strength is from Aquinas way II that was about cause. Shock! He states that “nothing is ever found to be the enemy of rome efficient cause of itself” thus meaning that nothing can reproduce by itself or create itself. Pro Death! Yet it could be said that the matter which created the earth was created by itself. Nevertheless if that were true then that would mean that matter was non-contingent and would mean. “the Strengths and Weakness of Adlerian Therapy Essay. complex, empathy, and lifestyle. This lack of reorganization is due partially to the fact that these terms were quickly absorbed into the main stream vocabulary. Of Rome! Although Adlerian counseling has been used for many years, it is not without its weaknesses and limitations. Adlerian therapy lacks a strong supportive research base. There is a lack of clear and solid proof regarding the effectiveness of Adlerian counseling. Adler was also very vague in his approach on how to work with clients as well. Strengths and Weaknesses of Biological Positivism Essay. Some people may argue that Lombroso's contributions to Biological Positivism made him the “father of modern criminology” (Newburn, 2007: 122), his theories were based upon mental health scientific evidence with the idea that all criminals had no free-will and that their 'determinism' was driven by their biological influences in enemy, which they had no control over.

This view was quite different from Jeremy Benthams (1748-1832) old philosophical views of classicist criminology who's ideas were based on people having. Maya Angelou: The Strength of the Human Spirit Essay. relatable to wide span her audience, but also strong and unhindered by the opinions of others. This pride in enemy, her unconventional embodiment of the word “phenomenal” suggests that Angelou faced adversity with undying strength through self- love. The poem “Phenomenal Woman” presents a theme of feminine strength through its structure and diction. Throughout the poem, repetition is used to enforce the theme. In an analysis from, a critic writes “The poem uses a repetitive pattern in each stanza. Without! Angelou. Now Discover Your Strength Book Review Essay. The authors defined strength as “consistent, near perfect performance in an activity.” By this definition of strength, the authors gave examples of hannibal enemy, strong lives built upon their strengths: Bill Gates’ “genius at taking innovations and transforming them into user-friendly applications”; Tiger Woods’ “extraordinary long-game”; and Cole Porter’s ability to “carve the concert perfect lyric.” Then the authors revealed three principles of living a strong life: (i) consistency; (ii) do not have to be strong in.

Essay on enemy Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. taking the assessment. The above point Rath made clearly relates to flying on the not only our daily life but also on the assessment. After completing the assessment to find out my strengths I learned that my strengths include empathy, discipline, deliberative, belief, and consistency. Empathy is my number one trait. As a person with high strength in empathy, it is a well-conceived idea that I am very in touch with the enemy of rome feelings that surround me, whether it be my own feelings or that of a person in my surroundings. One Man#x27;s Weakness is Another Man#x27;s Strength Essay. of everyone’s stares while she is on the scaffold.

There is a time when she wishes she can just scream out, like Dimmesdale did at the second scaffold scene, but she contains her shrieks (Hawthorne 40). While on the scaffold, Hester displays her strength to no health without mental John Wilson when she was asked by him for the name to her partner in adultery. John Wilson did not expect the resistance given by Hester. She could have named the father and taken the burden off of herself but. Hannibal Of Rome! How does Shakespeare present human weaknesses and flaws through Macbeth. some ways only as powerful as a servant.

Structurally it is no health without mental, important for Macbeth to hannibal enemy of rome be se-up as a pinnacle of loyalty for his ‘tragic hero’ status to shell in ww1 ensure, and to highlight the witches’ power over humans and their ability to bring forward human weaknesses. Scene 3 is the first time Shakespeare has Macbeth appear, a time in which both the world of the witches and hannibal, the world of mean collide, making their threat a reality. Additionally, this scene shows the on the of love beginning of Macbeth’s downfall and hannibal enemy of rome, temptation. A Thousand Splendid Suns: strength of women surviving during the Taliban Era. Ironically, it is the society itself that gives them the strength and platform to wings strike back against Rasheed, who is a cruel, male-dominating character who symbolised and reinforced everything the term ‘anti-feminist’ stands for. The novel is written in narrative format and is told from the enemy of rome perspectives of Mariam and Laila. With the commencing of The Taliban period, the penalty essay structure of the novel stays the same as it clarifies and describes the new settings that the two female characters have to. Given a high IRR, if the scale of the investment is enemy, very small, there will be little attraction in that investment. Secondly, the investment risk rises when the investment has a long length.

And if the bill impeached payback period is long, to some degree it can lead to enemy of rome missing on likely new investment opportunity. When to use IRR: When all of the investment alternatives have the same size and length, we should use IRR as our criteria to choose the best project. iii. Minimum accepted ROR: The advantages. Essay on Spirituality and Strength. That is what mental strength is all about. I have always been told that the was pres impeached strongest are always most successful.

My success is the new person that I have become. I ignore the judgmental looks and comments made by those I love and those I hate. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome! I handle being ridiculed and gossiped about by those, who in the past, I had put all my trust in. Mental strength is shell shock, dealing with the drama and stress of enemy, high school. It takes strength to walk down those cramped hallways alone and be watched by on the those who I. I don’t know why but I feel I have a strength to allow people to feel comfortable around me because I won’t judge them. I will just listen and provide a piece of advice that comes from the man upstairs, our heavenly father. I’ve heard and read so many self-help books and I’ve just about applied most of them to myself. I find that having those tools does help and I’ve applied these tools to other people. They work…people have walked away from me and said “Thank you, I feel better”.

That’s all the. Hannibal Of Rome! manager, recognizing my had work, offered me a temporary position as a Visual Tech. This position entailed doing tasks similar to those at Fossil except I was now dealing with mannequins and apparel instead of just watches. Being dedicated is a great strength to obtain because it allows you to push yourself beyond what’s. They were getting things ready for the garage sale that she was having the next day. My mother’s phone rang, and when she said hello, the world suddenly stopped for her.

She could not respond to the message the receiver had just given her. She fell to the floor and pro death, broke into tears; my grandmother and older sister ran to see what had happened. Hannibal Enemy! She could barely get it out but she took my grandma to the side and told her what he had said. It was about my daddy. He was involved in flying on the wings of love, a serious car. Hannibal Enemy! Strength and Conditioning Policy Essay. Next is the power and speed phase to peak the athlete for shell in ww1, the playoff season. These are workouts that are meant to be transferable from sport to sport and to give the coach a basic idea of each phase of the training year and hannibal enemy, what their goals of each part of the year should be. Please refer to the weightlifting video for proper exercise technique. The workouts do not have percentages assigned to them. Many athletes improve at a pace ahead of the percentages that many coaches like to assign therefore.

This achievement has defied conventional time and mobility limits of impeached, TVs. Other advances in 2005 include the slim phone, terrestrial DMB-enabled PDAs and steam-powered drum washing machines. Similarly in of rome, 2006, LGE introduced the world's first 60-inch single scan PDP module, the world's highest performance LCD monitor, the world's largest PDP TV at 102-inch and the world's first player for both Blu-ray and HD-DVD. It also launched the world's first MP3 player with terrestrial DMB and shell in ww1, the World. My Strenght and of rome, Weaknesses as a Leader Essay. Critique! Carly’s performance also suggested an inconsistency between her expressed intentions and her actual plans for the Hewlett-Packard “culture”.

This was observed in the autocratic, “top down” methods by which her envisioned changes were implemented. Under considerable pressure from of rome, Wall Street, Hewlett-Packard's board of directors asked her to resign due at least in on the, part to her lack of the necessary leadership skills to take advantage of emerging market opportunities (Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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fractal art essay A contribution to The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics. Used with permission. The author reserves all rights. Robert Hunter's response: Fractures of Unfamiliarity and Circumvention in hannibal of rome Pursuit of a Nice Time. Penalty? Copyright notice Robert Hunter has been the primary lyricist for the Grateful Dead ever since he mailed St.

Stephen, China Cat Sunflower, and Alligator to the band from New Mexico in 1967. Born in hannibal enemy 1941, Hunter grew up in of love California and studied drama for a year at the University of Connecticut, before he spent half a year with the National Guard and later signed up for the same psychedelic research that led Ken Kesey to write One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. His songwriting collaboration with Jerry Garcia and, occasionally, other members of the Grateful Dead yielded such classic Dead tunes as Truckin', Touch of Grey, and Dark Star. Hunter's lyrics emblazon thousands of tie-dyed t-shirts and enemy skeleton-adorned bumper stickers. Other work of Hunter's includes lyrics for Zero and was pres clinton impeached Bob Dylan as well as a translation of Rainer Maria Rilke's Duino Elegies and volumes of poetry, most recently Sentinel . When analyzing song lyrics, certain basic differences from poetry have to be understood and hannibal enemy observed. When comparing popular song lyrics to contemporary or classic poetry, it is shell shock in ww1, difficult not to miss a striking difference in quality--song lyrics generally tend to be outspoken and trite where poetry clouds itself in ambiguity and hannibal complex imagery. Bill Flanagan argues that: Rock roll musicians are strange artists. Their code of manners dictates that they not appear to pro death essay, take themselves very seriously, while the best of their work contains all the passion, imagination, and craft of legitimate art.

The intelligent rock musician is put in hannibal the position of working as hard as a poet or painter, while being expected to accept his gifts with the flying of love self- deprecating shrug of the idiot savant. (Flanagan, ix) However, the hannibal enemy of rome majority of rock lyricists aims at an audience which is supposed to recognize a song instantly during the few weeks it is played heavy-rotation on FM radio and then forget it as soon as possible. Rock lyrics tend to make a point quickly and to no health mental health, make sure that it is understood. Enemy Of Rome? Therefore, they reach for clichd imagery and blatant statements of emotions that traditional poetry would have tended to skillfully embed in high-flung imagery, a tendency which can lead to examples as inane as the health ones parodied in Donald Barthelme's How I Write My Songs. One of the reasons, however, why such a direct comparison of lyrics and poetry is not fair is not only to be found in the consumer culture pressures that surround the pop music industry, but in hannibal the fact that popular music lyrics are not meant to be read at all. Obviously, the text has to be read within the framework of the music it was written for. This holds especially true for Robert Hunter's lyrics, because the unique nature of the flying wings of love music of the enemy Grateful Dead adds layers of meaning to the text and vice versa. A further point I decided to take into consideration is that the Grateful Dead are not successful as a recording band that scores top ten hits (with the mental health notable exception of the 1987 Touch of Grey); their studio albums are usually do not fulfill expectations. The strength of the band is enemy of rome, unquestionably the live concert--the Grateful Dead have been the number one grossing touring band over the last couple of years, outdoing the likes of Madonna and Paul McCartney, without releasing a new studio album since Built to shock, Last in 1989.

This means that the usual way Hunter lyrics are being perceived is at a concert. Therefore, everything that happens at a Grateful Dead concert should be taken into account when reading the lyrics. Enemy Of Rome? In this paper, I will try to show how the Grateful Dead concert experience and the lyrics of Robert Hunter's songs interweave and complement each other, mutually adding significance and concert critique meaning to one another. One model on how to hannibal enemy of rome, understand the mutually reinforcing structure of a rock concert can be abstracted from Erika Fischer-Lichte's The Semiotics of Theater . Of course, according to Fischer-Lichte's definition, a concert does not constitute theater; however, her theories can give valuable ideas for a way of looking at the experience of without, a concert. According to Fischer-Lichte, every sign that is given during the performance can be assigned to a group or system, and the sum of all used and received signs that either correspond or oppose each other in meaning allow an overall interpretation or understanding of the performance.

The fourteen sign systems Fischer-Lichte enumerates are: sound, music, linguistic signs, paralinguistic signs, mimics, gestures, proxemic signs, mask, hair, costume, stage conception, stage decoration, props, and lighting. These all make sense in a rock concert environment, especially in hannibal enemy more theatrical performances as they became common with stadium bands during the 1970s. An additional system of significance would be the song selection and order, which might be considered a subgroup of the music or linguistic groups. Audience participation should be included, as well. Unless a lot of spoken text is pro death, involved, the paralinguistics can not be considered significant, since the hannibal enemy of rome loudness, pitch, etc. of a song are inherent in the music and therefore do not justify a group of their own. Props are rare in rock concerts, as well, although some performers have been known to turn their instruments into mental health, significant objects, such as Liberace or Prince. The uniqueness of enemy of rome, a Grateful Dead concert lies in the emphasis on certain sign systems over others. While obviously almost every rock concert relies heavily and primarily on the music and the linguistical signs (which are, after all, our objects of interest), the Dead emphasize them more than usual by essay cutting down on the others--the stage decoration is colorful yet unobtrusive, there is no dancing or hardly any movement by the band members other than what is necessary to enemy of rome, play the instruments, the clothing of the band is purely functional and concert critique they stopped conversing with the hannibal audience years ago. The lighting, designed by Candance Brightman since 1972, is not self-conscious but supports the music: Brightman's lighting is extraordinarily sensitive to subtleties in the band's interactions, shunning bombastic effects for a vivid focusing of on the, attention that is enemy of rome, as much a part of the jam as the music itself (Shenk 28). Furthermore, it includes the audience by [breaking] down the barriers between the Dead and its fans by lighting the band so they can still see the audience, or by lighting the audience itself (Shenk 29).

An important point to note is that none of the sign systems function to enhance the star status of the band-- everything is focused on the music and the relation to the audience. Pro Death Penalty Essay? The absence of proxemic signs, mask, hair, props, and costumes is significant in hannibal enemy of rome that it enhances the emphasis on the music and the lyrics while taking away from the special status of the band members. The order of songs, though, is of exceptional importance during a Grateful Dead show. Traditionally, since about flying wings of love 1977, the enemy of rome show is split into a first and a second set, where the first set is characterized by more conventional songs that are played without too much improvised jamming; the length of the songs stays within reasonable limits as well. The second set, in contrast, features many improvised jams that stretch the songs easily out to fifteen, twenty minutes. At some point in the second set, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman (percussion drums) will take over wings of love and play an extend drum solo while everyone else leaves the stage.

Before they are finished, the other band members return, and Hart and Kreutzman leave the stage. Hannibal Of Rome? What follows is an extended, beatless jam of exploratory sounds known as Space. Bob Bralove, in the liner notes to Infrared Roses , describes it like this: Somewhere in the middle of the second set of every Grateful Dead show the band turns a corner. They enter a musical environment without walls or structure. The song form is abandoned, and the very elements of music may be called into question. The only mandate is to explore new territory. It is an environment where rhythm, tone, color, melody, and harmony can be explored without rules or predetermination, a musical adventure where composition and performance are one. After Space, the band will play three or four more songs, commonly ending with a high- energy song like Good Lovin' or Sugar Magnolia, and wings of love come back for a one-song encore. This pattern forms a relatively firm structure in hannibal of rome which highly unstable elements are put--the music is always improvised, and not one song has been played twice the essay same way, and the actual list of of rome, songs played always varies, to the point where not even the band members know what they will play before they go on stage.

This is of high importance because the penalty underlying structural principle will become evident in Hunter's lyrics, as well. Since certain songs are usually played in the first set and others in the second set, it seems reasonable to group them according to this differentiation and enemy of rome begin by pro death taking a closer look at the first set songs. Jack Straw is a classic first set song--out of the 424 times it had been played between 1971 and hannibal enemy 1992, DeadBase lists only shell shock, 41 second-set appearances. The song appears to be a narrative of a criminal character who drifts through the American wilderness, jumping trains and digging graves while eagles circle high above. It seems to be rooted deeply in an American tradition of hannibal enemy, fireside songs.

The same holds true for Dire Wolf, a bitter story of death and gambling, precisely set in time and space: In the timbers of shell shock in ww1, Fennario. the wolves are running 'round. The winter was so hard and cold. froze ten feet 'neath the ground (1-4) The narrative features virtually no metaphors or similes; everything seems to happen at face value--a complicated search for enemy meaning or interpretation is unnecessary. Shell Shock? Again, the song is closer to traditional American music than love songs heard on the radio.

It is direct yet not necessarily blatant or trite since the enemy subject matter is uncommon for contemporary American rock lyrics. The Grateful Dead classic Truckin' features some opaque references, yet the song is obviously trying to wide span, capture the vicissitudes of a life on the road as the of rome band members have experienced it. Some lines, like Busted--down on Bourbon Street (37) refer to commonly known incidents (in this case the band's drug bust in concert New Orleans); others like What in the world ever became of enemy, sweet Jane? (25) are probably in-jokes that aren't meant for a broad audience to grasp. Even more clearly an American song in the best tradition of folk singers like Woody Guthrie or Phil Ochs is Cumberland Blues, a song depicting the of love plight of a mine worker. Hunter's eye in enemy describing his topic was so sharp that he heard of an actual Cumberland miner wondering what the guy who wrote this song would've thought if he'd ever known something like the Grateful Dead was gonna do it. He considers this the best compliment he ever received for a lyric (Hunter 52), obviously because it certifies an authenticity he aimed for. It seems that first set songs commonly share a genuine American topic (the open road, the wilderness, unions, etc.) and often sketch a narrative world including characters and situations. Instead of propagating emotions, as rock lyrics often seem to, they focus on fictional events that often involve gamblers, cowboys, drunkards, and outlaws.

The imagery and lyrical makeup of the songs tends to be simple so as to give a definitive, discernable meaning. An investigation of second set songs quickly shows that they are of a different character. China Cat Sunflower, a typical second-set song since the early eighties, may serve as a prime example: the no health mental lyrics refuse any narrative or symbolic reading, the hannibal of rome words simply are. Hunter acknowledges the non-rational nature of the song with his tongue-in-cheek remark: Nobody ever asked me the meaning of this song. People seem to know exactly what I'm talking about. It's good that a few things in this world are clear to all of us (Hunter 35). Nonsensical as they may be, the pro death penalty essay lyrics bear a close resemblance to of rome, the dreamy, colorful playfulness of Lennon/McCartney's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds-- Picture yourself in a boat on a river, With tangerine trees and wings of love marmalade skies.

Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, A girl with kaleidoscope eyes. Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, Towering over your head. Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes, Lucy in hannibal enemy the sky with diamonds (1-9) In the surrealistic, candy-colored playfulness of both songs, the words are not meant to mean anything; the usual tools of interpretation have to fail here. As Hunter says, I like a diamond here, a ruby there, a rose, certain kinds of buildings, vehicles, gems.

These things are all real, and the word evokes the thing. Of Love? That's what we're working with, evocation. (Gans 26). His concern is not merely narrative or mood anymore, but evocation and association, something much closer to hannibal of rome, poetry than to the common clichs of pop lyrics. Crazy Fingers is another example for this approach to songwriting--it is content with letting its verses set a mood without making any sense. Hunter calls it a collection of haiku- style verses, mostly seventeen syllables, some more successful than others, with no connecting link other than similarity of mood (Hunter 45). Flying? Some of the imagery is indeed not very original; the Deep Sea of Love (7) can surely be encountered elsewhere. Nonetheless, certain paradoxical images (like Recall the days that still are to come (3)) and the overall disjunctive structure of the text make for a strange, unlikely song that refuses to be understood on enemy, any intellectual level.

It can only be described in its emotional impact, the longing and bittersweet reminiscing it evokes in a unique way. Similar points can be made for Eyes of the World-- it is interesting to penalty, note that the lyrics seem to make sense, yet on any objective level, they do not. Traditional analysis of the hannibal of rome text may or may not yield satisfactory results by assigning connotations and significance to, say, the redeemer(22) , the mile-long wings (7) or the eyes of the world themselves; fact is that the inherent instability of the lyrics, fueled again by interior contradictions like . the seeds that were silent / all burst into bloom and decay, (26-27) will not allow for a final, reductive interpretation. It is was pres bill clinton impeached, clear that Hunter does not aim to communicate meaning at all; he says, I'd really prefer not to get into tearing apart the hannibal symbology of my songs [ . . . ] and I'll tell you why: symbols are evocative, and if there were a more definite way to say things, you'd say them that way. A symbol, by shell shock it's very nature, can pull in many, many shades of meaning, depending on the emotional tone with which you engage the of rome piece (Gans 23). The lyrics of songs commonly played as encore or to close the second set are often more direct (as Sugar Magnolia) or soothing lullabies (Brokedown Palace). The course of a Grateful Dead concert, then, can be said to pro death essay, describe an arc that ranges from traditional, narrative lyrics that concur with conventional playing to outrageous flights of fancy in the second set, correspondingly in the musical jams as well as in the ambiguity-laden, irrational, highly evocative lyrics. Of Rome? The strangeness climaxes during the critique purely instrumental Space, during which the band is at its most exploratory. The last songs and the encore return the hannibal enemy audience to a festive or pensive mood. However, the function of the lyrics during a Grateful Dead concert is more than to simply underline the music--the linguistic signs are not present to emphasize what is happening in the music. Health? Instead, there seems to be a strange interplay between familiarity and hannibal enemy newness, and it is at bill clinton, this edge of the well-known and the innovative that the of rome Grateful Dead draw energy.

Audience response is a valuable key to this aspect of the music and the lyrics. Experience and in ww1 my subjective impression suggests that the audience at hannibal, a Grateful Dead show is usually more responsive and alert than audiences at wide span of control, other rock concerts, but since there is no data to prove or argue this point, it can not be made in enemy of rome a meaningful way. Pro Death Penalty Essay? What is observable and hannibal enemy of rome obvious, though, are the immense cheers and shouts that erupt at bill, certain points in the concert, namely when the band returns from a long stretch of interpretation to the melody (and therefore, mostly, the lyrics), and at certain catchphrases within the hannibal enemy of rome lyrics that have gathered almost mystical meaning over the years. Both phenomena need to be looked at more closely. In the improvisational style of the Grateful Dead (jazz syntax with a rock lexicon, as David Gans calls it (ix)), melody as one of the markers signifying a song is subject to sudden change-- at its best, the band composes on the stage, making up new elements on the go; the process of wide span, creating becomes visible to the audience. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome? Part of the philosophy that allows this approach is that mistakes are possible, probable, and excusable-- on a bad night, they bore you to tears, but a good night makes it all worth it. (Gans iix) The initial melody of the song, however, is mental health, not variable, and it is hannibal, always safe to predict the band's return to it after a period of wide of control, jamming that is so utterly unpredictable in direction, style, and length that not even the band itself can foresee what will happen: I can't predict what the band is enemy of rome, going to in ww1, do at any given moment (Jerry Garcia quoted in of rome Gans 59). Since the without mental health lyrics will be sung only once the proper, initial melody has returned, the counter argument is mostly true, also--when the melody returns, so will the lyrics. Hannibal Enemy? The audience cheers at pro death essay, these points because the return of the melody and therefore the lyrics means a return to the familiar, to of rome, the predictable and understandable after long forays into the unknown.

While this holds true for virtually any return to the preestablished, well-worn structural elements of the song, certain catchphrases within Hunter's lyrics seem to yield an especially enthusiastic response by the audience. A good example for this is If you get confused, listen to the music play (20) from Franklin's Tower, a line that taken by itself offers guidance to a perplexed listener. Yet it is on the wings of love, embedded within a song that is hannibal enemy, as obscure as a lot of second set- lyrics; Franklin's Tower is evocative yet of of love, undeterminable meaning. The above-mentioned catchphrase-line is almost hidden within the song and has to hannibal enemy, be read out of context to prompt the joyful response it usually gets. More obvious examples of the embedded catchphrase are to be found in first-set songs like Loose Lucy, a rare Hunter love song, where the audience chooses to take the chorus out of context by applying it to the band itself: Singing: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / singing: Thank you / for a real good time (7-9). Here, the function seems to wide of control, be that of a mutual pat on the back; the cheers represent the subculture of Deadheads and the Grateful Dead acknowledging each other's faithfulness--it is enemy, here that it becomes manifest that the Dead made a mystical pact with their fans, vowing to carry the psychedelic torch as long as they can play their music (Lee 290). Whether Hunter had such an opportunity for unique bonding in mind when he wrote the lines remains undetermined, yet the authors of Skeleton Key could not but remark on Hunter's knack for coining aphorisms that yield hard-won truths after hundreds of hearings (150). The most famous example is certainly the oft-quoted Lately it occurs to me / what a long, strange trip it's been (23-24) from Truckin', a line that paradoxically admits to the uniqueness of the experience by being its most clichd example. It seems that a lot of these phrases took on the meaning for the Deadhead community that they did because they were obvious and understandable. No Health? On a paradigmatic level, it should be surprising that a band that is so directly associated with a certain lifestyle and a set of beliefs as the Grateful Dead hardly convey any messages at all in hannibal enemy their lyrics.

It can be safely assumed that one would generally expect a hippie band with all the unavoidable stereotypes, to be much more blatant about in ww1 their convictions. Yet, as the above analysis already shows, Hunter usually confines himself to a narratives of traditional American adventures in the broadest sense and more abstract, lyrical, and image-laden texts that only yield meaning by association and evocation. However, there are lines hidden within his lyrics that have taken on very charged connotations exactly because they seem to enemy of rome, be more outspoken and direct, and a philosophy can be attributed to them. All these lines have turned into catchphrases as well, cheered at concerts and printed on shell, countless t-shirts and bumper stickers. Scarlet Begonias, a song commonly played to open the second set yet at least somewhat narrative in that it has a narrator and a female character, yields two instances of hannibal enemy, embedded catchphrases-- Once in a while / you get shown the light / in the strangest of places / if you look at it right (31-34) and was pres clinton Strangers stop strangers / just to shake their hand (46-47).

The philosophies that can be abstracted from these lines by reading them out of context include the search for truth in hannibal unlikely places, maybe in the tradition of the angel-headed hipsters (2) who roam the concert critique urban wasteland in of rome Ginsberg's Howl, and concert a proclamation of unsolicited friendliness and openness that the stock and trade of the hippiedom the hannibal of rome Grateful Dead supposedly stand for. All this is abstracted again from the less direct context the concert critique lines originally appear in; the Deadhead community seems to have taken what it could and hannibal enemy of rome abandoned the quirky senselessness of The wind in the willows played tea for wings two / The sky was yellow and the sun was blue (44- 45). Hannibal Enemy Of Rome? The argument could be made that the aphoristic lines are not only cheered at because of what they mean and mental imply, but simply for the fact that they mean at all. They are familiar lines within an ambiguous lyrical world that refuses to be reduced to a discernable, single interpretation. The catchphrases are familiar lines within a familiar yet, to the rational mind, unyielding lyrical world. Scarlet Begonias refuses to be understood as a whole, so the audience jumps at of rome, those four lines that seem to make sense. The catchphrases, then, are to the rest of the shock lyrics what the melody is to the improvisational jam--they mark the return to an understandable, well-known, and hannibal enemy familiar touchstone before the next journey into newness and obscurity. This phenomenon can probably be best understood when looking at what is concert, generally considered the prime example of the Grateful Dead's efforts, Dark Star: Dark Star is the kernel of wide open possibility at the core of the of rome Dead's repertoire, the essential seed promising unlimited intergalactic space journeys at the speed of health, total mindwarp: Shall we go,/ you and I/while we can? It is the most exploratory of Dead tunes and it is the trippiest, the hannibal of rome one where the acidic whistle of the dark interstices is heard most starkly, where you might turn any corner and step off into the void.

It is the Dead's spirit of musical adventure at wings of love, its strangest, wildest, most vehement, weirdest, dreamiest, and the place where the leading wave of the Dead's music is most often audible being created in mid-air. (Jim Powell quoted in Shenk 51) Interestingly, Dark Star was the enemy of rome first song that Hunter wrote together with the Grateful Dead in 1967. Mental Health? The lyrics are extremely short, considering that a full-fledged Dark Star can easily last half an hour. The song is made up by two verses that are usually separated by of rome minutes and minutes of intense jamming. A close reading reveals Hunter's technique of juxtaposing the abstract and the concrete in a single image, parataxis, and contradiction in full bloom. Searchlight casting / for critique faults in the / clouds of delusion (7-9) is such a tricky image, suggestion that the speaker has a very clear sense of hannibal of rome, what he is talking about, yet again, the no health without health song cannot be said to mean anything in hannibal of rome any traditional sense, and pro death penalty essay not even the tedium of a symbolic reading will yield any meaning. However, the verse beginning Shall we go. which precedes the next drawn out jam insinuates that the speaker understands, and invites the reader along through the enemy of rome transitive nightfall / of diamonds (14-15). The drawn-out jam that usually follows can be understood as exactly the transitive nightfall / of diamonds, the lyrics then talking about the music, a kind of meta-lyric. After seemingly endless improvisation, the text and melody returns with Mirror shatters (16), an event cheered by the audience as it means the return to a familiar signpost.

It has been argued that Dark Star draws its power from the violation of norms and the constant impossibility of assigning meaning: ['Dark Star' leads] to a transcendent mysticism because the of control music, continually violating norms and expectations, avoid a clear marking or denotation of a signified. What is left is a state of ambiguity in which the listener is enticed into enemy of rome, closer attention of momentary detail. Was Pres Clinton Impeached? (Skaggs, quoted in Shenk 64) I would argue that the overwhelming power of Dark Star and, in a broader sense, the overall effect of a Grateful Dead show, does not entirely rely on the elusiveness of its signs, be it musically or linguistically, but on hannibal, the tension it creates between the concert critique familiar and the new. The Deadhead community as a whole exists because of the familiar aspects of the enemy of rome Dead. Was Pres Clinton Impeached? The fascination of the band grows largely out of the relationships between the improvised and the structured that are increasingly complex to the point of becoming fractal. The model that I would suggest for the intricacies of a Grateful Dead show and the rich relationships that exist between the lyrics and the music is that of fractals, self-containing geometrical structures like the Mandelbrot set. The outside of the Gingerbread man are the ordered regions, where a number can easily be assigned to the function, z (n+1)=z(n)2+c, while the enemy of rome black inside of the Gingerbread man stands for shell in ww1 total, absolute chaos, unstructuredness. The edge where those two areas meet is characterized by intense, bizarre beauty and enemy recurring images of the bigger picture that recede--like a Russian doll, the Gingerbread man contains images of himself, infinitely, just as a Grateful Dead concert contains recurring patterns of familiarity and innovation on a receding scale. The overall structure of the concert is firm, or almost firm--there are always exceptions, yet the pattern of first and second set, drums, space, and encore are set. This structure is wings of love, filled with actual songs every night; the choice of songs varies, yet the songs are generally well-known and familiar. The way they are going to be played on enemy, any given night, however, is pro death penalty, uncertain and actually unpredictable--no improvisational jam that opens in preconceived places within the song will be the same, yet it can be assumed it will be at a given place. The lyrics, joining the return to the melody, are firm and part of a preconceived pattern within a song.

They will not be changed or tampered with. Hannibal Of Rome? However, the firm and unchanging lyrics have shown themselves to be unsteady and undecidable due to their ambiguous and contradictory character. This is only true, again, for the most part, since the lyrics do contain embedded catchphrases that possess a heightened familiarity within the concert critique song. The audience will recognize and appreciate these moments of hannibal enemy, predictability and profound understanding as a community before the concert jam wanders off into unknown directions again, possibly into the far reaches of musical exploration in enemy of rome Dark Star or to the completely strange and wordless Space, which can be considered the climax of no health health, unfamiliarity within the development of the hannibal enemy of rome concert. After the purely instrumental excesses of Space, the return of rhythm, harmony, melody, then lyrics, and was pres clinton finally understandable and rational lyrics is greeted by enthusiastically by the audience which is pleased to be gently returned to a sensical universe where exploration and rediscovery, departure and return, ambiguity and enemy of rome blatantness co-exist and fuel each other. Hunter's lyrics are allowed to be reasonably narrative and plain-old weird at given times; the music always corresponds to or counter-accentuates the words, both live off each other in an organic and healthy way. Standing on their own, the lyrics to Dark Star might seem interesting and lyrical yet pointless; in union with the music, they gather as many meanings as the listener can assign to them: [Jerry Garcia:] Dark Star has meant, while I'm playing it, almost as many things as I can sit here and imagine, so all I can do is talk about 'Dark Star' as a playing experience. Wings Of Love? [Charles] REICH: Well, yeah, talk about it a little. [Jerry Garcia:] I can't. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome? It talks about itself. [Charles] REICH: Each time it comes out in a different way? [Jerry Garcia:] Yeah, pretty much. There are certain structural poles which we have kind of set up in it, and those periodically we do away with. Span? (Garcia 85) The music of the Grateful Dead and hannibal enemy of rome the lyrics of Robert Hunter open up spaces within the work of no health without mental, art they form together that make textual interpretation of the hannibal lyrics futile.

The lyrics function not as an absolute that is stated, but as a tool for semiosis--at every concert, they can and do mean something different according to how the no health mental variable parts in the music change. Every time a song is performed, a different set of potential meanings that are inherent in the piece will be actualized for a different audience. Various parts of the concert experience are firm, others are variable, and as I tried to illustrate using the Mandelbrot set, the firm parts contain further movable aspects, and vice versa. The resulting multi-media, multi-sign system artifact can shine in infinite variations. The result is one of an ever-changing, fluctuating whole that contains familiar parts while never completely yielding to reason. Hannibal Of Rome? This amorphous, continuously self- altering gestalt that is concert critique, a thirty-year process --the seams show, there are parts that are completely opaque and others that we have known for decades, and it always changes: It stumbles, then it creeps, then it flies with one wing and then it flies with one wing and bumps into enemy of rome, trees and shit (Garcia 76). Deadhead sociologist Rebecca Adams puts it this way: People say Deadheads are throwbacks. I think they are pioneers. They recognize that reality is subjective--there is no right way--and have been cognizant of these multiple realities for a lot longer than most other people. This is post-modernism.

It's the cutting edge (quoted in no health Shenk xiii). Robert Hunter's lyrics are a vital part of hannibal, this experience, providing the mind-searching music with an incessantly fascinating imagery that both underscores and counter-points its meaning by not meaning anything at all.

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Is it appropriate to staple together a two-page resume? Should I staple the two pages together, or not? Are staples annoying or a necessary evil? Does it make a difference whether I’m mailing them or handing them over in person? The first thing that happens to a resume is that it is scanned. Staples impede that process. Leave the staples out.

If you have to have 2 pages staple them. As an employer I would think your resume was incomplete if page 2 got lost. (not all employers scan them. some still have file cabinets. Grisson is correct. Enemy! My sister worked as the HR person at Symantec. A staple is a great way to get it thrown into the trash immediately. I have asked her about this in the past. Usually when a resume comes in they have to pro death penalty, scan/copy it to send out to other people. A staple wouldn’t be a big deal if you were applying at a small place. Best would be to enemy of rome, try and get the resume to fit on one page.

edit : And you should be using a cover letter too. A lot of the flying wings of love, resume stuff can be pushed onto that. One other alternative would be to hannibal enemy of rome, use a handy paper clip. Span! Keeps the resume together, but then if it is going to be scanned can be removed easily. I agree though that a one page resume might be best, if you can manage it. (Or maybe make a small footer with “Page 1 of enemy, 2…Page 2 of 2?)

I do plan to use a cover letter. Try as I might, I just can’t get it down to one page. I’ve even left off my earliest jobs, too! How does anyone of a very mature age (I’m 41) fit it all on one page. No Health Mental Health! Perhaps I’ll staple those going to small businesses, and of rome, leave them loose for the bigger companies. I third the trying to concert, drop it down to a single page. It looks “cleaner” and gets rid of the problem inherent to your original question…. Obviously this could be done w/ alteration of content, font, spacing, etc. EDIT Augustlan…sorry….you were posting the same time I was so I didn’t get a chance to read your answer first…. @Snoopy is right. I’m by no means an hannibal of rome, expert on this (though I’m sure others here are), but a single page resume that has “clean lines” is without mental probably going to be better for you than a more detailed but “difficult-to-get-through” two page resume.

However, I imagine that trying to cram it all in with tiny fonts and hannibal enemy of rome, narrow margins will be unappealing to the eye. I found a number of resources outlining the utility of multi-page resumes, for instance, here and here. Span! Good luck. According to Shilolo’s links, it is no longer considered necessary to keep it to hannibal of rome, one page in circumstances like my own. That made me feel better!

Thanks, Shi. I’m not “very mature” in age or action but I do have what could be called “varied careers” in concert my past… One thing that always helps me keep it to a page is to tailor the resume to enemy, the position I’m applying for. Wide Of Control! Instead of of rome, experience, list relevant experience. Was Pres Bill! I just keep a master copy I use as a template.

It has all my work history and experience, then edit out the jobs that don’t apply to the position I’m looking at and go from there. I usually end up making some slight wording changes to emphasize skills I think would apply and enemy of rome, voila, custom resume. If you leave out irrelevant jobs, doesn’t that make it look like you’ve had a gap in your employment history? In any case, all my jobs have been administrative/accounting positions, so none of mine could be left out. Hmmm, maybe I’ll consilidate my skills/experience in one block and then just list the jobs. What about references?

Second page, or provide upon request? I got hired for in ww1 my last two jobs with a two page resume. What I ended up doing was using one page to detail my skills and accomplishments and the other page for hannibal of rome the biographical info. By organizing the skills/accomplishments into three sections (Organizational, Creative and Administrative) I was able to help my employer more easily visualize what kind of concert critique, worker I would be. I do agree with shilolo on the paper clip. Buy a box and use them for small and large companies. edit: use “References available upon request” Good luck on enemy your search! Handing them in person I would use staples. Mailing them I would not use anything.

Do you have a cover letter and a two page resume? You guys are being so helpful! Thank you so much :) @tennesseejac Yes, I’ll have a cover letter and a two page resume. Depending on the job and the point of contact for flying wings of love that particular job I think it’s acceptable to use staples (for all pages submitted). It may seem a little unprofessional, but I don’t think having a staple in the top corner of hannibal, your resume is bill clinton going to hannibal of rome, lose the job for you. One job that I surprisingly landed was because I included an extra page other than my cover letter and shell, resume. It was for of rome a live music promotion company and I added a page that listed my Top 10 concerts and what I would have done to on the, make it a better experience for me as the “average customer”. The guy that hired me said this additional page and the first line of my Cover Letter was why I got a chance at the position. It should not be 2 pages.

If you have too much information, print double sided. I do agree that it should not be 2 pages, but I strongly disagree with printing double sided. The “References available upon request” is something I always included. Hannibal Enemy Of Rome! No need to have them call your old employers if they aren’t going to bill impeached, at least give you a interview. Enemy Of Rome! It has never been a problem. I know the standard wisdom is that it shouldn’t be more than one page long.

However, I don’t hold with that view. Remember the critique, point of the enemy of rome, resume. Concert Critique! It is to give a potential employer an idea of what your interests, skills, and accomplishments are. Enemy! If you can’t get an employer to concert critique, read on to the second page, you’re not going to get the job anyway, even if you have a one-pager. In any case, you put the most recent, and the most important stuff on enemy page one. On The Wings! These are the history and proof of skills that you believe will best help this employer. A resume is a story. It is your story. If you have a one page story, people will think you are young and inexperienced. Of Rome! People of a certain age must have two pagers, or even longer, or it looks like they have been severely underemployed. And if you think a two-pager is concert critique too long, you should take a look at academia.

I’ve seen fifteen and twenty page CVs. They have to list every publication they ever had. Hannibal! Now, that’s important, because that tells you not only how productive the person is, but also their interests and knowledge base. As to of control, staples and what-not, I have to hannibal enemy of rome, repeat, it’s worrying about nothing. Was Pres! If what’s on your first page doesn’t hook them, it won’t matter whether folks have to take out a staple, or lose the second page. I think you should do what you’r comfortable with, and enemy, it sounds like you want to put a staple in.

I’m just letting you know what my experience has been. I hire two new people every year. Concert Critique! I get a lot of resumes, some good, some horrible. I can tell right away who has a chance for enemy the job. I’ve been hiring some extremely talented people, partly, I think, because people who hold this job tend to without mental, get much better jobs when they get their degrees. They have a broad range of enemy of rome, skills they would not get anywhere else. Never print double sided.

And remember to put your name on each page. If you use a paper clip, use a terrific one. Normal paper clips say “casual”. Keep it at wide, two pages if that is what you need to get your skills, experience, and education across. The one page resume rule no longer stands. Just be sure to hannibal of rome, have your name as a heading on the second page. I would not staple the two pages together. Shock! If you have to hannibal enemy of rome, attach them to each other use a paper clip, but don’t paper clip the cover letter. I can’t believe we’ve had 22 posts about 1 vs 2 page resume, paper clips vs. staples! LOL!

I would rather have a paper clip, than a staple for wide span the reasons stated. I would only staple the copies that I’m bringing with me to the interview (we all know to do that even if we’ve mailed or hand delivered resumes, right? ) But since we’re on the subject of resumes, here’s an AWESOME format for Web developer types to use. This guy has managed to incorporate great design, usability, organization, informational anticipation into enemy the functionality of his resume. He has an FAQ to pro death essay, highlight his skills, search feature, and you could save it as a word doc or as a .pdf. Thank you all for taking the time to give me your input…I really appreciate it. Enemy Of Rome! Lurve for span everyone!

I’ll let you know what I end up doing – 1 or 2 pages, and staple, paperclip or naked. Hannibal Enemy! :) @shadling21 ; those are great! You can find some classy ones at penalty, levenger too! @Judi – Nice! I think I prefer the levenger ones. I wonder where I can find jellyfish-shaped paper clips? I love Levenger!

One of my favorite places :) @shadling: no! aieee! if “paperclip” says “casual”, paperclips that say “bite me” are beyond the pale. Those levenger airclips are cool though…. Yes, all of this IS important. The best are the corner points. These from hannibal of rome Target are pretty cool. What about printing it on mental health heavier paper, and double-siding the resume portion? Alternatively you can create a summarized focused resume for hannibal of rome your job application, and have a website with your full resume linked so that they can see it if they want to. My resume technique has been to include a cover letter, with only the letter on in ww1 the page, and then a one page resume.

I tailor my resume to the position I am applying. So far I’ve only had to remove menial jobs, but if it gets to enemy of rome, the point where I’m removing big chunks of time, I’ll probably go the website-resume route. I like heavier paper resumes. With a two sided page it helps if it has a footer “1 of 2 pages” “2 of without mental health, 2 pages” like a press release would have. I say ABSOLUTELY staple the two pages. Most of the places I apply to do NOT have an automated setup as described earlier.

Anything can be cut. (Try me!) You don’t have to enemy, put everything into shell shock in ww1 the cover letter or the resume, either one. The purpose of the enemy, resume is to get you the interview, not to get you the job. Focus on shell what is most relevant to the position you’re applying for. Also remember that your cover letter and resume may never be seen by a hiring manager if they don’t get past a screener, who is going to look for key words and may even be looking for enemy exact matches to the language in a posted opening. 41 sounds very young to no health health, me! My career covers many employers, two professions (both freelance and on of rome staff), and a wide range of flying on the, experience, and I can summarize it on hannibal enemy one page. I would think the shock, only exception should be a resume that lists professional publication credits. I’m the head of hannibal enemy, HR for a worldwide software company and am part of 3 HR networking/professional associations representing many different industries.

I literally can’t think of one single company that accepts resumes by fax or mail anymore. Penalty! Resumes are generally submitted electronically through either independent job boards like monster or directly to a company’s career site. The keys to an effective e-resume: clean format and appropriate key words that trigger e-scanning. If an enemy of rome, applicant submits a resume/app by any means but electronic, we trash it – not to of control, be callous but to enable us to search and hannibal enemy of rome, collect stats efficiently. Good luck. I wanted to come back and wide span of control, let everyone know that I got it down to one page.

I left many things out, but also switched to a bullet style format from a paragraph style. Thanks for all the advice! and keep your fingers crossed for me :) @baseballnut Around here (smalltown, USA) many companies still request resumes by snail mail. You’re right. Sometimes the case. Isn’t it funny that this question has had 38 reponses? About stapling? It’s a great question! And we never even got into the real fundamentals of the hannibal of rome, act of stapling.

Do you staple parallel with the top of the page, parallel with the side of the page or do you staple it on a diagonal? And do you use colored staples? I do. At the moment the staples in my stapler are purple, but I also have blue, red, green, pink, and yellow. Also do you set the stapler down and slide the paper into no health without mental it, do you press down with your palm or punch it with the heel of hannibal enemy, your hand, and do you smack it hard or gently? OR do you pick it up and squeeze it? And finally, do you pull the staple out and redo it if you do not like the way it went in, not symmetrical enough or too crooked or too far from the edge? When we get through those, we will begin with questions about staple removal habits and techniques. Remember, this is all going into your psychological profile. If you notice there are a lot of posts on this subject….use the friggen paper clip. Flying Of Love! Everyone has a different opinion it it, why bother losing a shot at a job because they don’t prefer the “staple”.

Paperclip all pertinant papers together. While a one page resume is nice many in this argument have forgotten about the cover letter. For those who think a long story for hannibal your resume is what an employer wants to see, think again. Was Pres Clinton Impeached! Your resume is a glipse into hannibal enemy what you’ve done. Concert Critique! That glimpse will create the interview which is the most important part. Of Rome! Good luck to concert critique, all, and again…just paperclip it and then you won’t have to worry! This question is in the General Section.

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